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Name Adainy Gwanwyn
Gender Male
Race Gallente
Bloodline Gallente
Date of Birth YC 85.10.12
Licensed YC 112.02.23
Occupation Researcher for Arek'Jaalan
Specialization Sleeper Architecture
Corporation Legion of Darkwind



Adainy attended primary public schools into the duration and completion of his higher education on Dodixie I, scoring unremarkable points in all subjects with the exception of Cultural Arts and Sciences, in which he took an intense interest and excelled admirably.


Adainy Gwanwyn joined the Federation Army immediately following completion of his higher education. He was placed in the civilian sector and acted as Anti-Personnel Station Security and worked alongside the Minmatar Republic.

Sisters of EVE

Following a devastating attack on a Minmatar outpost by Amarr extremists in the wake of the assassination of former Emperor Doriam II in Bosboger, Adainy was taken in by the Sisters of EVE and served with them exclusively for over a year, and still to this day maintains a positive relationship with them.

Specialty Training and Operations

While it is known that Adainy entered into the Federal Navy Reconnaissance prgram shortly after his stint in servitude to the Sisters of EVE (as one of the many means to gain acceptance into the Federal Navy Capsuleer Program), it is unclear
exactly what activities or operations he took part in, though he maintains a personal log vaguely detailing some of his time in the FNR.


Adainy completed his capsuleer training in YC 112.02.23, graduating with excellent marks in Entrance Level Hybrid Gunnery and Cruiser-class Dynamics from the Federal Navy Academy, being recognized for his supplemental training from his
time in the Sisters of EVE and FNR.

Personal Life


  • Capsuleers
    • Mark726
      • Adainy follows Mark's documenting of sites across New Eden at EVE Travel, and often collaborates with him on matters involving Sleepers, Sansha incursions and how to effectively set up planetary colonies.
    • Emily Dallocort
    • Pyrotech03
      • Pyro is the current CEO of Legion of Darkwind, and extended an open and trusting hand to Adainy to help expand his corporation and alliance.
  • Non-capsuleers
    • Barle Detolt
      • Barle Detolt was the main agent Adainy worked with during his time with the Sisters of EVE, and to this day remains a close friend of Adainy. He was the only personal contact to attend Adainy's graduation from the Capsuleer program.

Personal Projects

And it Burned the Heavens

Adainy maintains a personal journal detailing events in his life, excerpts of which are posted onto a public feed entitled And it Burned the Heavens. Adainy maintains both a vagueness and distance in his writing, stating:

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Adainy is also currently working on a compendium of Gallente mythology, including the Gallentean epic The Trials of Mithathrotes and other works, but has yet to announce an official release date for the final product.