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Akatsuki Hikage-Selfie-Huge.png
Name Akatsuki Hikage
Gender Female
Race Gallente
Bloodline Jin-mei
Blood Type B
Father ? - Drifter of the Vherokior Tribe
Mother ? - Jing Ko Caste of the Jin-mei bloodline
Siblings One ½ brother, unknown to her
Date of Birth YC106
Height 150 ㌢ (4'11")
Weight 54 ㌔ ( 119 ㍀)
Hair Color Ruddy Dark-brown
Eye Color Blue
Licensed YC118.08.19
Occupation Signal Explorer
Education Masters in Anthropology: Ethnology & Ethnoarchaeology, University of Caille
Corporation Signal Cartel
Augmentations Right ocular.
Tattoos Superior & inferior to right oculus, continuous.
Piercings : Left & Right lobule. Nasolabial.
Marks Scarring exists superior & inferior to right oculus, but is obfuscated by tattooing and often hidden beneath her hair.
Vessels ・RV信濃丸 (RV Shinano Maru) [Imicus]: Destroyed by Kate Barassova while conducting research in New Eden system. Reparations paid.

・RV堀丸 (RV Hori Maru) [Imicus]: Destroyed by Lord De Shirak while excavating a Ruined Blood Raider Science Outpost. Podded.
・RV柿丸 (RV Kaki Maru) [Imicus]: Normal
・CTS早春丸 (CTS Hayaharu Maru) [Catalyst]: Normal
・FNSジェームズ丸 (FNS James Maru) [Tristan]: Destroyed by Imperial Purists while on a delivery mission for the Sisters of Eve.
・FNSヨルダン丸 (FNS Jordan Maru) [Tristan]: Normal

Pre-Capsuleer History


Akatsuki's father was a Vherokior drifter who ventured into Jin-mei territory. At a dive he met Akatsuki's future mother—a lowly Jing Ko. Enchanted by adolescent romance Akatsuki's mother eschewed her demeaning life for one of perilous excitement.

But, it wasn't long before the young couple discovered they were pregnant. Her kinsmen jeered her for abandoning her caste duties to fornicate with an outsider. Yet, she'd never been so happy.

On the night of her labors the Jin-mei people exclaimed, "Look. The moon confirms it! This red-moon-child will bring calamity!" But, the sun was rising as the child came forth and the new mother was enraptured by the life that dawned before her.

And so she realized the perfect name for their daughter. Akatsuki, crimson moon. Akatsuki, dawn. Whether this child would bring calamity or the advent of a new day would be up to her. She wouldn't allow her daughter to be bound by the omens and doctrines of others. She would truly be a freewill child.


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University Life

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Capsuleer Life

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Chronology of Major Life Events

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