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These are Amarr people, either of Amarr descent or those who are prominently involved with the Amarr Empire.


The Amarr are a devout people whose society bears the mark of rigid adherence to tradition, decorum, and faith in higher powers. Sometimes those powers reside in the sky, sometimes among the stars. The Amarr Empire is the largest of the four great empires, in good part thanks to its relentless policy of slavery and expansion; which just goes to show that when the spirit is taken care of, the flesh will find things to do.

It should be noted that this unified purpose does not always imply a loss of individuality, as it does in the Caldari State, whose people speak with a single voice, subtler, darker degree in the Gallente Federation, where the only sound that may be heard is the collective noise of individuality. As can clearly be seen in the voluminous lists of deceased Amarr citizens, lineage plays an important role in the Empire. While as a nation they have been amazingly unified in conquest through history - to the point where they are perfectly willing to overlook the individuality of their conquered people - they place a remarkable importance on individuals in their own ranks, sometimes to the point of sainthood.

Notable Individuals

Amarr society is composed of several classes set into place like layers of strata in the side of a mountain, each layer pressing down with godly force on the ones below. Right on top - though below the almighty God, of course - are the royals: The Emperor, or now the Empress, along with the royal families and their Heirs to the throne.

Below those we find the Holders, the Empire's upper-class citizenry. They are engaged in all the higher functions of the Amarr Empire, including not only its politics and administration, but also its business, educational efforts and various other tasks that usually fall on qualified people.

As such, they also provide a living buffer between the celestial royalty and the earthly commoners. That part of society comprises a good deal of the workforce, often in thrall to the Holder families, and is one of the driving forces behind the machine of the Empire.

If the commoners are the drive, however, the slaves are the fuel. The Amarr Empire engages in slavery on a massive scale, and while the members of that beaten, downtrodden are for the most part nameless and shorn of identity, every once in a while one of them achieves something so remarkable, it must be written in the pages of history. Of course, the lower orders achieve remarkable feats every day, but those feats, too, astonishing and full of grace as they may be, are also nameless, thankless, and soon forgotten.

Royalty and Heirs

In the past, the royal Heirs - in among the all the secret machinations going on between them - were forced to vie for the throne through succession trials that would cost all but one of them their lives. This arrangement naturally led to a high degree of stability among the highest class in the Empire, led as it was by people who quite rather didn't want to die, though it was upset when the traitor Karsoth took the throne. Once Empress Sarum I took it from him, the succession trials were put aside, and the other royal Heirs allowed to keep their heads.

The Empress of the Amarr Empire

The Amarr Heirs

The Heirs come from five families that historically have fought for the right to rule, though the Empire is currently enjoying the kind of stability that comes from having some of its primary leaders be given the option not to engage in murderous trials by combat. There was once a sixth family, but they either lost faith or saw sense, depending on who you ask, and schismed from the Empire. Lately, however, they have returned to the fold.

Past Leaders and Emperors

Individual Royal Family Members

Historical Royalty of Note

Holders and Prominent People

More than any other group, Holders and their families are responsible for running the Amarr Empire. Those who fall under history's gaze tend to be prominent people, found particularly in organizations like the Privy Council, Ministry of Internal Order and the Amarr Navy.

Members of the Privy Council

Holders and their Families

  • Antar, a Holder under Karsoth's rule.
  • Bater, a Holder.
  • Alder Brenean, a personal aide to Aritcio Kor-Azor.
  • Etu Gassa, a Holder in the court of Aritcio Kor-Azor.
  • Hurid-Akan, a Holder involved in a weapons war.
  • Hastar Jibril, the current Grand Admiral of the Ammatar fleet.
  • Suki Natasa, a Holder in the court of Aritcio Kor-Azor.
  • Holder Keraci, of the court of Aritcio Kor-Azor.
  • Kerrigan Orsha, a former firebrand Holder and current devout religious student.
  • Kirion, a Holder involved in a weapons race.
  • Lerenge, a Holder who tried to betray another to the Chamberlain.
  • Norid, a Holder with an axe to grind.
  • Raana, a vengeful mother of a Holder's son.
  • Fazian Shalah, a Holder who lost his tongue.
  • Rakban Vennegh, a Holder in the court of Aritcio Kor-Azor.

Other Individuals of Prominence

Deceased and Historical People of Prominence

Commoners and Other Citizens

There's nothing so common about them, truth be told, and a few have lived lives of quite some renown. But they live in an empire where there are effectively two upper classes set in stone, onto whom God's glory and grace is immediately directed, and that grace can only shine if a pallor has been cast on something by contrast. That's alright; it's as their Lord intended.

  • Aleine is one of Nusi's students.
  • Adi is one of Nusi's students.
  • Annoli is one of Nusi's students.
  • Bix Arramida, a pilot for hire.
  • Cherall, a children's entertainer.
  • Vitor Dranera, a sly torturer.
  • Fimiris, a young woman involved in a children's show.
  • Garund is one of Nusi's students.
  • Indlar is one of Nusi's students.
  • Javies, a manservant to a Holder.
  • Jetek, a citizen who had a conversation with an Empress.
  • Kardeth, a mercenary.
  • The King found a strange home in the horror of a Minmatar prison.
  • Miss Melody, a children's entertainer.
  • Nusi teaches theology at an Amarr school.
  • Parlan, a conflicted priest.
  • Prandi, daugher of Cherall.
  • Prisoner 47, a man suffering a terrible fate in a Minmatar prison colony.
  • Raha, worker on an entertainment show.
  • Rial is one of Nusi's students.
  • Tadama, ex-wife of a children's entertainer.
  • Teilf is one of Nusi's students.
  • Tim, a broken-hearted missionary.
  • Zweir is one of Nusi's students.

Commoners Gone but not Forgotten

  • Daren Athakis was a crewman aboard the Dam-Imud.
  • Commodore Barius, an Amarr Navy commander and explorer.
  • Chalmers, a mercenary who met a nasty end.
  • Samne, a children's entertainer.


They are lowest on the totem pole. Most of them are not even of Amarr origins, but of Minmatar, although they are considered part of the Amarr empire. By the Amarr, that is. The opinions of others obviously don't count.

  • Kameiras are an elite fighting force of slaves in the Empire.

Dead Slaves

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