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Name Anargirou
Gender Male
Race Gallente
Bloodline Gallente
Date of Birth YC 90.12.04
Place of Birth Gallente Prime
Licensed YC 110.03.29
Occupation CEO
Specialization Fitting Management, Fleet Command, Intelligence
Corporation New Eden Resistance

Early Life

Anargirou (Ana) was born in New Hueromont City on Gallente Prime in Luminaire in December of YC 90.

Ana’s parents were active members of the illegal Serpentis Corporation, using their happy family as a front for conducting black-market trades on behalf of the corporation. Growing up like this gave Ana a very unique childhood experience. He became very good at dealing with society’s undesirables and learned a great deal about the interworks of the underground crime syndicate within Gallente space.

Despite his unusual childhood, Ana was happy. Unfortunately, his parents’ lifestyle finally caught up with them in October of YC 106. His parents were conducting a trade deal with some Guristas pirates when they were ambushed by the Directive Enforcement Department of CONCORD. Both parents were killed while trying to flee.

Life as an Orphan

Authorities placed Ana in an orphanage. Immensely desiring escape, he emancipated himself after two months, shortly after his 16th birthday. With no home or family left, he had nowhere to go so he just drifted around the planet on a seemingly never-ending walkabout.

As the years passed, Ana’s childhood began to seem like a dream. He couldn’t picture his parents’ faces anymore; he couldn’t remember having a home; he couldn’t remember having a family. All he could remember was the roads he drifted along. He longed for a home and a family.

Becoming a Capsuleer

In YC 110, the Caldari State launched a massive assault against the Gallente Federation, taking back their homeworld, Caldari Prime within Luminaire. With the Caldari fleet now within striking distance of Gallente Prime, the planet’s citizens could not be guaranteed safety. Having no reason to stay, and wanting to be away from Gallente Prime should the Caldari act on their threats, Ana decided to enroll in Center for Advanced Studies as a capsuleer.

Taking to the stars, Ana vowed that one day he would have a home and someone to share it with.

Being a Capsuleer Isn't Easy

Ana spent his first year as a capsuleer in relative seclusion. He remained in Center for Advanced Studies far longer than needed, using it to test the waters of various aspects of capsuleer society in an attempt to find his calling.

On YC 111.08.25, Ana was recruited by a small null-sec corporation Focused Fire (FFIRE), CEO corporation of the alliance Combined Planetary Union (CPU). With them, he learned the art of capsuleer warfare. Eventually, on YC 112.01.02, CPU was disbanded and FFIRE, including Ana, joined Intrepid Crossing (IRC) relocating to Cobalt Edge. After just two short months, on YC 112.02.26, due to disagreements with IRC leadership and resource management, FFIRE withdrew from IRC and returned to Syndicate, revitalizing CPU. Ana spent the next several months in Syndicate with FFIRE, honing his skills as a formidable opponent for any capsuleer. At this time, Ana was promoted to Director of FFIRE specializing in fleet command and fitting management. Eventually, FFIRE grew tired of Syndicate and departed for greener pastures, this time permanently disbanding CPU.

On YC 112.12.15 FFIRE with Ana joined Violent Entity (VE) a small rental alliance of Majesta Empire, a major alliance within the Northern Coalition (NC). Ana's new home became Geminate. He enjoyed living here as it provided him with everything he needed to survive as well as the ability to test his skills in combat against the residents of the Drone Regions. Sadly after just a few months living in Geminate, Ana found his new home under invasion. Ana and the NC fought in defense of their systems as best they could but after months a battling realized it was a hopeless cause. FFIRE withdrew from the North on YC 113.03.16.

During their time in VE, FFIRE had undergone a change in leadership and found itself under a new CEO. After the withdrawal from the north, FFIRE decided to return to Syndicate once more, but this time under a new banner signifying the new leadership, Surrender Dorothy (SDOT). After establishing themselves in Syndicate once more, SDOT created a new alliance, banning together several local corporations under the banner Bipolar Stability (2STAB). Ana reprized his role as Senior Fleet Commander and Director of Fitting Management within 2STAB.

Although content with their current situation, Ana and SDOT soon took an interest in the war beginning in the North. Various factions had begun warring over the former NC's territory. Having an invested interest in the North and wanting to strike back against the Drone Regions and Goonswarm (CONDI), SDOT, now under the banner of Decisive Pursuits (DEPER) due to another change in leadership, joined with Nulli Secunda (S2N) on YC 114.06.10. Throughout this campaign, Ana pushed for a more aggressive stance in their current war, but found the majority of his fellow corporation directors resisting such a move. On YC 114.09.12, Ana decided to leave DEPER, along with several directors, to form a more aggressive corporation New Eden Resistance (NERES) with Ana as CEO. This move occurred on friendly terms with DEPER and NERES was promptly accepted into S2N. With S2N, Ana saw the creation of N3 Coalition. Ana lost battles and won battles but he found this to be his happiest moments as a capsuleer. All good things come to an end and after several months, Ana found himself unable to devote enough time to the war effort as was required and so he voluntarily removed NERES from S2N and the current wars on YC 115.08.24.