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Name Anja Suorsa
Gender Female
Race Caldari
Bloodline Deteis
Licensed 113.08.11
Occupation Commander
Specialization Surveillance/Intelligence & combat support
Corporation Pyre Falcon Defence Cadre XV-01A

Anja Juikko Suorsa is an Ishukone born Caldari State loyal Capsuleer currently under the employ of [DUTY], a Kaalakoita subsidiary.

Date of Birth YC 86.06.20
Place of Birth Oyuuden Genetics Laboratory, Malkalen V, Sela Constellation, Lonetrek
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Hazel
Height 171cm or 5’6
Weight 59kg or 130lbs

Pre-Capsule History

A product of one of the States tube child programs, Anja was created by a small specialist corporation called Oyuuden Genetics, operating under Ishukone’s umbrella. She was decanted on Malkalen V at the Oyuuden laboratory as part of a testing batch of children grown over a six month period. Once successfully decanted, the children were assigned to various Ishukone funded nurseries and crèches across the planet and it's oribtals.

Anja's formative years were spent in her crèche where she, along with her peers were put through mandatory basic education programs, designed specifically to uncover each of the children's talents. Anja showed a keen grasp for analytical thinking. Her talent for analysis resulted in her eventual selection for training in the Ishukone Watch, officially as an Intelligence analyst. Her training began in YC 100 after successfully completing further advanced education programs. Her training ran through to her graduation into the Watch proper in YC 102.

Between her graduation and YC 110 Anja worked diligently in the Watch. Records of her assignments with the Watch are understandably, unavailable for public dissemination. In YC 110, following the destruction of the Malkalen V station, Ishukone’s headquarters, Anja volunteered during the general draft, joining the Caldari Marine Expeditionary Forces for the short duration of the war where she operated in a unit providing intelligence for the troops from orbit.

Following the official cessation of hostilities, she was returned to active service with the Watch where she remained until early YC 111. Retrospective DNA analysis flagged her as hydrostatic-capsule compatible and she was promptly shipped to the State War Academy in Kisogo for Capsuleer training.

Her training was completed in YC 113 when she became a fully fledged capsuleer.

Capsuleer History

State War Academy [SWA]

Following her official graduation, Anja remained with the academy as alumnus for three days before making her first moves as a capsuleer.

Nanoteq Corporation [NTeq] (Closed)

Under advisement from newly hired Chief of staff (COS), Oskari Jaakeimon, her most trusted peer from the crèche, Anja founded Nanoteq Corporation with a view to establish an industrial base to fund her operations as a Capsuleer. The company folded only three months after its foundation recording losses of fifteen million ISK, largely on account of logistics and infrastructure costs. The losses were absorbed by the main shareholder, in this case the CEO.

Deep Core Mining [DCMI]

Following the brief and costly experiment with Nteq, Anja moved her operations to Sinq Laison to work as a contractor for Ishukone under the banner of DCMI. She spent six months from December YC 113 to the end of May YC 114 working in Gallente space. Towards the end of her time with DCMI, she moved her operations back into Caldari space in an effort to find work more satisfying.

Wiyrkomi Honor Guard [-WHG-]

Against the advice of her COS, Anja applied to join the Honor Guard in mid/late may of YC 114. She was accepted shortly thereafter by then CEO Malcolm Khross and began work as a security and surveillance operative under the title of Eskeitan. Not long after joining WHG, the corporation signed up to join the State Protectorate, assisting in the ongoing war between the State Protectorate and the Federal Defense Union.

After a public change of leadership, Anja continued to flourish as a combat pilot within WHG forcing an unintended promotion to the rank of Chaika within three months of the leadership change after extensive efforts to bring the Urpiken constellation back under State governance.

Midway through their campaign, WHG undertook a voluntary audit at the stakeholders request. The full results are yet to be made public, but chief among the results, at least for the employees and pilots within, was the dissolution of the corporation.

Pyre Falcon Defence Combine [DUTY] (Alliance)

Quickly reforming to continue their work, the pilots of WHG formed a new venture under the banner of Kaalakoita. The Pyre Falcon Defence Combine. Anja joined the second founded subsidiary corporation, Pyre Falcon Defence Cadre XV-01A in late January YC 115 as an operative.

Following an early, poorly handled split of opinion and it's resolution, Anja was offered the position of Commander (CEO) within XV01A, which she took with reluctance, seeing no viable alternate candidate. The move elevated her onto the board of directors giving her more influence in the direction the company might take.

DUTY have since gone about their deadly business with aplomb, truly coming into their own during March YC 115 where they have taken part in extensive combat operations, chiefly in the Enaluri system and were also present during the Battle for Caldari Prime on YC 115.03.22.

Personal beliefs and behavior

Raised as a Caldari liberal, having been through the standard Ishukone education system, she was indoctrinated with views in keeping with the Liberal faction; primarily that fostering better relations, with the aim to increase free flowing trade between the empires, was something to actively strive for. These beliefs have since taken a back seat (although have not been forgotten) as her outlook has shifted in priority substantially following the events of YC 110. This has lead her to a more ‘State first’ mentality, which in turn, encouraged her to seek employ within the Patriot faction; believing this the best way she can better serve the people of the State.

Anja is a reserved personality, she keeps opinions and feelings private where she feels they belong; unable to interfere with work or duty. as such the majority of her opinions remain private and unknown to all but a select circle of friends. Her responses, when you can coax them from her are careful and measured, so as to give nothing away.

On rare occasion she has been known to rise to provocation, losing a great deal of her composure and responding sometimes explosively. She has also displayed stubborn tendencies, often bordering on the bloody-minded.