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Name Aradina Varren
Race Caldari
Bloodline Deteis
Father Taarne Varren (Deceased)
Mother Captain Nezomi Varren (Deceased)
Siblings Kaatana Deikano (Half-sister)
Date of Birth YC86.08.16
Place of Birth Torrinos V - M16 - HGLS
Height 176cm
Weight 61kg (Weight of augmentations removed)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Licensed YC116.03.14
Occupation Combat Pilot
Specialization Heavy Assault Missiles
Corporation Phoenix Naval Systems
Religion Heavy Assault Missiles
Affiliation Caldari State
Augmentations Yes

Aradina Deikano Varren is a capsuleer who exists, and is known to do things on occasion. She is a citizen of Kaalakiota Corporation.

Physical Characteristics

Her frame is toned, both of her arms are matte black cybernetics, however even with them she's far from inherently imposing. She has a number of less obvious cybernetic enhancements which include structural reinforcements that allow her to lift considerably more weight than she'd otherwise be able to. She also has the ability to play specific sounds, and impersonate voices via a voice modulation implant. Her hair is jet black, and she tends toward darker colours in clothing.


Usually quiet and reserved, her asocial tendencies and lack of intersocial ability border on pathological, she's prone to curt replies although she's rarely intentionally hostile towards people. She often displays a dry sense of humour albeit potentially one without much of a filter. Despite her typically reserved behaviour she doesn't seem to outright dislike people she simply just prefers silence and solitude.

"Fan Clubs"

She has repeatedly threatened death on people who partake in capsuleer fan clubs dedicated to her(and in general), especially those who engage in “shipping”; though it is hard to tell if she's serious. This has failed to deter many. Naturally, many of her fans are from the Caldari State; strangely she also has a following in the Gallente Federation.


Early Life

She was born aboard a station in orbit of Torrinos V, raised mostly by her father due to her mother’s commitments to the Caldari Navy. She received generally good grades in school and after graduating she was educated as an engineer. During this time she was a professional fighter in underground rings. Following her military service with Home Guard, during which she rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander, she began work as crew on capsuleer piloted vessels for a number of years.


Varren spent two years without any activity at the start of her capsuleer career, in April YC118 she joined Pandemic Horde Inc., and participated in the war in Fade and Deklein. After leaving she joined Alexylva Paradox a transhumanist wormhole corporation that controls the wormhole system J120442, known as Origin, where she spent just over a year. She was employed by Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd and was focused on the research of Trinary Data Vaults which lead to the discovery of The Triglavian Collective. In late YC120, she joined Phoenix Naval Systems.

Corp History

Pandemic Horde Inc..png
Pandemic Horde Inc.
YC118.04.10 - YC118.07.15
Alexylva Paradox.png
Alexylva Paradox
YC118.08.30 - YC119.10.04
Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd..png
Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd.
YC119.10.09 - YC120.12.12
Phoenix Naval Systems.png
Phoenix Naval Systems
YC120.12.12 -