Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W26: Two Thoughts

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From Kaito Haakkainen
Subject Two Thoughts
Date 114.01.05 00:19
Content Two thoughts, without substantial evidence, keep rattling around in my mind this evening.

So I figured I should let them out, to perhaps rattle elsewhere too and ring up a harmony.


Migrant nature, accelerator gate-like travel network, patch work repairs, familiar looking technology, polyferrous hulls.... and a mysterious station once over Matar, a harvested moon, no standard gates in system, and a gap of over 10,500 years between the collapse of the EVE gate and appearance of the tribes.

Did someones ancestors go a wandering?
Is someone not telling us something?


Our cousins the Sleepers, similar tech-level, capsule capable, researching an elder races technology, engaging in projects, trying to educate others. Did you ever look at Site One and think this might be just how The Mirrors started out?