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Name Arsia Elkin
Gender Female
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True Amarr.png
True Amarr
Date of Birth YC 85.02.11
Place of Birth Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 56kg (125lbs)
Hair Color Black (natural)
Eye Color Hazel
Licensed YC 112.06.18
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Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
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Amarr Empire
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Sarum Family

Arsia Victoria Elkin is a Captain in Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris. She spends most of her time in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone, fighting against the Minmatar and local pirates. She is accomplished both as a solo pilot as well as a fleet commander. She is particularly well known for flying the Crucifier Navy Issue. She is a short-tempered, Sarumite who supports The Reclaiming. She was a retainer who flew under Admiral Mitara Newelle on the House Sarum team in the YC118 Amarr Championships.

Early Life

Arsia was born on YC85.02.11 to Satasia and Ezekiel Elkin in Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime. She spent most of her life on her Family's estate which resides in an arboretum in the city. She has one younger sister, Virtella Elkin, who is also a capsuleer, and one older brother, Xavier Elkin, who is not. She was home schooled and rarely left home save for an incident where she was abducted and ransomed for money at the age of 11. Her Gallente kidnappers were caught and executed. Later on she attended the Royal Amarr Institute studying Astrometrics, where she ultimately became a capsuleer.

Home Schooling

As Arsia was home schooled, she received one on one attention from each of the various Dam-Torsad scholars hired to be her teachers throughout the years. Arsia had different teachers for each subject, with her theology instruction coming from her father, Ezekiel, who is a well-known scholar of the subject. While the personal attention from skillful teachers benefited Arsia greatly in learning the material, her lack of interaction with other children stunted her socially. To this day she is quite lacking in social skills.

Life as a Capsuleer

Arsia was issued her capsuleer licence on YC112.06.18 and flew under the banner of the Royal Amarr Institute for quite some time before moving on. She founded the Sha'ha'dem just over two years after obtaining her license. Her reason for forming an ostensibly exploration oriented group was to bring her God's message to every planet of every star as the Amarr Scriptures say; she wanted to make sure she would be able to find them all. As the head of the Sha'ha'dem she lived out in low security Kador space, day tripping into wormholes and killing the local baseliner pirates. It was during this time that she was given the callsign 'Azalea' by her corporation. Later, she changed her focus over to the Amarr-Minmatar warzone. It was while flying in the warzone alongside Aldrith Shutaq, that she was brought into PIE. After joining PIE she became a mainstay in the warzone.

Time Flying Under the Royal Amarr Institute Banner

Like most, if not all, new capsuleers under the RIN banner, Arsia began her capsuleer days in the Emrayur system where she spent a little time trying to get her bearings as a capsuleer. Soon after, she made her way to the Pasha and worked for career agents there. She initially took up mining utilizing a Tormentor class frigate. After securing her first Punisher and a Bestower that was gifted to her, she loaded her Punisher and Tormentor into the Bestower and made her way around the Empire, and even into the Federation while doing work for the Servant Sisters of EVE on the recommendation of the individual who gifted her the Bestower. While in the Federation, Arsia tried to find information about her childhood abductors, but was unsuccessful. After suffering her first ship loss, Arsia returned to the Empire with even more enmity towards the Federation than she had before. She returned to Amarr and did sporadic work for the Sarum Family and the Emperor Family before moving on to work for the Ministry of Internal Order for some time.

Time as CEO of the Sha'ha'dem

Logo of the Sha'ha'dem Explorers

After leaving the Royal Amarr Institute to accept the services of a corporation that helped lesser-known capsuleers secure Jump Clone contracts, Arsia decided to found her own corporation and created the Sha'ha'dem Explorers. The group had aspirations to bring God's word every edge of the galaxy, and beyond if possible. She immediately enlisted the corporation into the Amarr militia although they didn't enter the warzone often for a while and instead initially based in the Goslav system and mined resources using an Omen class cruiser, alongside of her first hire, an Ammatar woman named Lyra North-Onren who was desperate for work. After the corporation had built up some cash reserves, the pair briefly staged assets in the Dital system, from where they would head a couple jumps into Providence. However, after the corporation added a couple more members, the four of them picked everything up and moved to the low security Kador system of Omam where they regularly cleaned out local baseliner pirates and carried out occasional incursions into lower class Anoikis systems. Shortly after meeting Aldrith Shutaq, Arsia moved down closer to, and sometimes in the warzone, basing in Tuomuta, Sasiekko, and Kamela at various points.

Joining PIE

After switching her focus to the warzone from exploration Arsia regularly flew with Shutaq in the warzone and receive much of her initial combat training from him. The friendship she built with the Ni-kunni man eventually led to her applying to and being accepted into Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (which will henceforth be referred to by the acronym, PIE) on 04.09.YC115. After joining, Arsia became very active in the warzone and continued to develop as a pilot. She received most of her early advice and instruction from Shutaq as well as Lord Admiral Gaven Lok'ri. In the new corporation, the general area of Arsia's bases of operation changed from the edges of the Bleak Lands to central devoid. While with PIE, she has based in Mehatoor, Arzad, Tararan, and Sifilar with her only time basing in the Bleak Lands since joining the Praetoria being a stint in Sahtogas. Arsia's high activity in the warzone saw her quickly ascend PIE's ranks until she was promoted to Commander, which she remained for years before advancing to Captain in YC120 due to her development as a fleet commander in a time when many of PIE's mainstay pilots were inactive.

YC117/118 Amarr Championships and Aftermath

Team Sarum YC118

Arsia flew for the Sarum team representing Lord Merimeth Sarum, as a retainer for Mitara Newelle and delivered a solid performance throughout the tournament, being particularly vital to the team's success in both the preliminary matches as well as the team's victory over the now-disgraced Kador champion, Lysus. During her time in the championship, she became very close to Lady Newelle and her other retainers, Raphael Ordo and Alizabeth. After the tournament Arsia was given a residence at the Newelle estate on Mekhios and serves as a retainer to the Newelle family to this day, in addition to the duties she still has to her own family.

Development as a Fleet Commander

Arsia's Fleet

At the beginning of YC120, with PIE eing particularly inactive at the time, Arsia set out to build her own personal Amarr-militia aligned fleet in the warzone. At first, she ran fleets with the express purpose of finding alternate uses for various Amarrian ships. The first few fleets focused on making use of the combat capabilities of the Magnate, Inquisitor, and Impairor. Out of these three, the Inquisitors in particular shined and battle Inquisitors became a regular fleet doctrine. However, after these first few fleets, Arsia's fleet branched out into more conventional fleets, heavily utilizing Punishers and later Coercers. As time went on, Arsia was able to manipulate quite an impressive number of capsuleers to help her with her cause. She took advantage, in particular of blood thirsty veterans looking for a combat fix, and and new, bright-eyed capsuleers looking for a cause. After leading the fleet over the course of the year, Arsia developed into a formidable fleet commander, her fleet having given at least a couple black eyes to nearly every pirate and Minmatar group in the warzone. In December of YC120, the Elkin Family set up a citadel specifically to serve as Arsia's base of operations in Sifilar, allowing her to move her assets out of the freeport she was using. This citadel was later destroyed.


Late YC120, there was a Blood Raider attack on the planet of Kahah III in the Khanid Kingdom. Arsia deployed some assets to the system alongside the Newelle family and was involved in several stand offs over the planet, but not the culminating battle where an invasion attempt was made by Ushra'Kahn.

The Blood Raider attack on the planet utilized a chemical called "Deathglow" which sent the slave populations on the planet into a riot. The Kingdom forces pacifying the riots were using very violent methods to do so. Arsia initially took a hard-line stance in support of the pacification methods, arguing that the violent methods were necessary and were they actually too extreme, the Empire would be the first to condemn them. This callous attitude to the events alongside her belligerence got her into arguments with a wide array of capsuleers at the time. One such capsuleer was ex-Guristas Raxi Elamp, who broke into Arsia's Dam-Torsad residence, beating her badly and leaving two knife wounds on the face and neck of that clone in addition to one on her left shoulder and one on her left hip. The assault caused Arsia to fall into a period of depression which was then worsened by various interactions. Somewhat ironically, her biggest source of comfort after being assaulted was from Ushra'Kahn member, Isha Vuld. Although when she was discovered to have been meeting with Isha by PIE Commander Arline Kley, she was reprimanded by PIE Admiral Gaven Lok'ri.


Arsia supports The Reclaiming and has historically supported military action to do so if need be. Her opinions on other races have evolved a bit over time. For a long time she believed the Caldari to generally be more reasonable than the Matari, who she believed to be ignorant and belligerent, and the Gallente, who she still believes to generally be hedonistic and oftentimes straight-up evil. She always did earnestly want to "better" those from the other races via the Reclaiming and therefore does view non-Amarrians who are of the Amarrian faith as friends and allies, although subtle racism can show in extended conversation. Her general acceptance of all those of the Faith is shown in that she left her old corporation, Sha'ha'dem Explorers, in the hands of her friend Lyra. Through exposure to Matari individuals in YC120 and YC121, she has softened her stances a bit and dropped many of the prejudices against Matari that she once held. She's still insistent however, that her faith is right and others are better off if they follow it. She is against the use of boosters and frowns upon what she views as excessive modification; at most, she'll run very basic capsuleer implants. She was a strong supporter of Empress Jamyl I, who she believes was resurrected by God as a miracle and accepts Empress Catiz I. She dislikes the Khanid Kingdom and especially hates its rulers, thinking the king to be a clone who violated sacred doctrines. She does however fly Khanid designed ships where she does not fly other non-Amarrian ships.


Through virtual channels when she's not in physical danger, Arsia is arrogant, obtuse, and belligerent to those she deems as her inferior. She gets annoyed about anything she deems as a slight, being known to be particularly petty about even minor things such as when those who aren't close to her use her first name. She's fairly easy to wind up via a multitude of ways ranging from insisting that Empress Jamyl I was cloned to simply being what she considers lewd. If she gets wound up too much, she's known to throw temper tantrums and disconnect her feed from virtual channels in a fit of rage.

In person however, she will only display that attitude if she feels confident she cannot be harmed. If Arsia feels threatened she is cowardly, quick to cry, and clumsy. Being as physically weak as she is doesn't help her to avoid that either. When threatened, anything that reminds her of her assault can cause her to experience vivid flashbacks. She is not particularly mentally resilient and is very vulnerable to humiliation, coercion, and getting generally flustered.

Drug Usage

Arsia is very averse to the idea of using drugs so much so that she hasn't trained herself in how to utilize combat boosters as most capsuleers do. In her entire history as a capsuleer, the only time she's ever used a combat booster is once when she used an Agency Booster she retrieved from a wreck in desperation while fighting outnumbered against a group of capsuleers in Pandemic Horde.

She doesn't smoke and drinks socially. While she doesn't often drink much, she is quite a lightweight when she does.


Arsia with dyed hair

Arsia is a slightly-above average height, fairly thin Amarrian woman with hazel eyes, long black hair which is most often worn down. Her hair is occasionally dyed. While she was in relatively decent shape at one point in order to successfully become a capsuleer, she has long since reverted to her inactive noble lifestyle and is somewhat physically weak and frail. With the exception of scars on one of her clones detailed below, her skin is smooth, soft and well cared for. She is left-handed, has perfect eyesight, and her blood type is O-.

Clones and Augmentations

Arsia utilizes both back-up soft clones as well as jump clones. Her soft clones are updated regularly. A few of her clones run basic implants. She was devastated the first time she was podded, as she assumed her continued life thereafter would bar her from Heaven. Despite the recent Theology Council announcement that Faithful capsuleers do go to Heaven, she remains somewhat nervous about it, although she'd never admit it.

Her clones are physically indistinguishable with the exception of one that bears scars on the left side of the face and neck, a scar on the left shoulder, and a scar on the left thigh from knife injuries sustained while being assaulted by Raxi Elamp. She has no physical augmentations on any of her clones.

Capsuleer History

  • YC 112.06.18 Was Issued Capsuleer License while at the Royal Amarr Institute [RIN].
  • YC 114.06.30 Founded the corporation Sha'ha'dem Explorers [SHAHA].
  • YC 115.04.09 Employed by PIE Inc. [PIE].
  • YC 117.11.08-YC 117.11.15 Served as a retainer on the House Sarum team under Mitara Newelle in the Amarr Championships.
  • YC 120.10.06 Promoted to the rank of Captain in PIE.