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Name Auriga Menkalinan
Gender Male
Gallente Federation.jpg
Gallente (75%)

Intaki Logo.png
Intaki (25%)
Father Reuben Hakobyan
Mother Ignês Menkalinan
Siblings Claire (Callisto)

Olivier (Orpheus)
Spouse Cilisa Lugara
Date of Birth YC 81
Place of Birth Algasienan IV
Licensed YC 115
The Syndicate.jpg
Intaki Syndicate Militia

Adam ‘Auriga’ Menkalinan is a capsuleer affiliated to the Intaki Syndicate who participates in various initiatives to support the mutual security and development of the Syndicate and Placid regions. A citizen of the reclusive Commonwealth of Pelion (on Algasienan IV), Auriga’s path to the capsule was unconventional. His early years as a pilot were marked first by a failed trial period and then by a formative experience in Thera with Signal Cartel. He appears to have since found his calling closer to home with the Intaki Syndicate.

The information presented on this page is based on publicly available data and interviews with those individuals holding pertinent information who could reasonably be located.


Childhood, 81 to 98

The Menkali extended family appears to have been among the first wave of Namvari immigrants from Gallente Prime’s Morthane Mountain Islands Commonwealth to settle on Algasienan IV over 520 years ago. Detailed information about Menkalinan’s early life is limited due to the ongoing technological and geographic isolation of Namvari society on Pelion. The family is reported to control a modest territory to the north of Argalasti, the only Namvari settlement of any size. Pastoralism and textile production are the dominant economic activities in this area. Deaths associated with violence between feuding family groups are common.


The register of births and deaths in Argalasti indicates that Menkalinan was born in YC 81 to Ignês Menkalinan and Reuben Hakobyan and was followed by twin siblings in YC 90. It is assumed that, in keeping with local customs, Menkalinan received only the most rudimentary education and began working with the family’s herd of laminoids from the age of eight, before taking sole responsibility for a herd in the mountain pastures from 11.

Argalasti’s public register records the deaths of both Ignês and Reuben on the same date in YC 98 with the cryptic entry of ‘misadventure’. What is clear, though, is that this incident precipitated an abrupt change in circumstances for Menkalinan and his even younger siblings.

Synkretos, 99 to 105

In YC 99, Menkalinan appears on the register of indentured workers in Synkretos (Algasienan IV’s only city) contracted to Hakobyan Prospecting LLC for a term of twenty years. Hakobyan Prospecting is owned by Jakob Hakobyan, Menkalinan’s paternal uncle. The company is based in the dock district of Synkretos and specialises in mineral exploration operations in the equatorial region of Ventiki. It has been connected with numerous allegations of abusive employment practices involving personnel in isolated jungle sites whose survival is entirely dependent on supplies of medicine from the company.

Credit: James Paick

"Yes, I heard he'd become a capsuleer. ...No, I haven't heard from him! Long may it stay that way! ...But best of luck him and no hard feelings; you tell him I said that, eh?" Jakob Hakobyan, Proprietor, Hakobyan Prospecting LLC

By YC 105, however, Menkalinan’s indenture is recorded as having been terminated following early payment of the contract sum. Local media archives for YC 105 reveal that, during this period, the Genolution biotech research facility in Algasienan was advertising for volunteers to participate in a clinical trial. It is surmised, therefore, that Menkalinan may have paid off his indenture by volunteering for the Genolution trial.

Crisis and Rehabilitation, 106 to 108

Local media archives are conspicuously silent on the outcome of the trial but the notes to Genolution’s annual report in YC 106 indicate that a provision in its accounts was attributable to sunk R&D costs and settling a class action in Josmaert District Court. Anecdotal evidence among the local population points towards subjects of the trial suffering from catastrophic side effects but all individuals with direct knowledge appear to be subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements.

“All claims relating to the trial of Beta Talinomase in our Algasienan facility have been fully and finally settled. The details of the settlement agreement are confidential. … Yes? … Yes, we continue to provide ongoing support to the trial subjects. This takes a variety of forms, depending on their needs and, yes, in one case includes capsuleer cloning services. Now, while regrettable, this is an old story so may I refer you to our public statements from that time and ask for any further questions on our recent and highly successful launch of, ahem, Talinofen?” Alicia de Vermandois, Press Liaison, Genolution Inc.

It is notable that, also in YC 106, Menkalinan appears on the register of students at an institution on Roua V specialising in remedial education for adults operated by the Society of Conscious Thought, the parent of Genolution.

Education and Training, 109 to 117

In YC 109 he enrolled as an undergraduate at the Center of Advanced Studies’ campus in Agoze before graduating into CAS’s capsuleer training programme in YC 111. Inquiries made among contemporaries at CAS point to an aloof personality, perhaps socially isolated by being older than average, from a conservative cultural background and having to repeat several courses.

”He was that old guy, right? I’ve no idea how he even got in. I mean, really, a shepherd or whatever? Yeah, he was a bit of a loner anyway. Always in library in the evenings just to keep up!” Pascale Loriette, Freshman Senator, Caille 7th Ward

A trial launch in YC 113 appears to have been unsuccessful and was followed by a further four years of training before a successful launch in YC 117.

Signal Cartel, 117 to 119

Once he overcame the apparent difficulties he faced in mastering capsule technology, Menkalinan immediately joined Signal Cartel as one of its first 100 members. Data from Eve-Scout’s Thera wormhole mapping GalNet site indicates that Menkalinan was an early contributor to this service. Most Eve-Scout operators at that time were reported to be living at the Sanctuary’s Institute of Paleocybernetics in Thera and some of Menkalinan’s early writing confirms this to have been the case for him too.

”I recall that Auriga had big ideas and the energy and enthusiasm to back them up. But he was hard to reach and frequently absent for long stretches of time. I know he was involved increasingly with ESOCI, our industrial "sister" corp. I assume he had a lot on his plate. Really nice guy. He'd be welcome back in Signal Cartel any time.” Thrice Hapus, CEO, Signal Cartel

Menkalinan’s Eve-Scout contributions tailed off at about the same time in YC 118 as Republic customs records begin to show him importing substantial amounts of goods at the Konora border checkpoint. It is assumed, therefore, that he became involved in industrial projects in the wildlands controlled by the Thukker Tribe, perhaps distancing himself from Signal Cartel’s core activities while making contacts there which stood him in good stead when he moved to Syndicate space later.

ESOCI, 119 to 120

By YC 119, Signal Cartel’s roster had soared and many of its older employees were beginning to spread their wings. Once such group, the Evesploratory Society, was founded by a small group of veteran Signaleers and associates of Menkalinan’s. ESOCI’s main base of operations is in Mista in Lower Domain. Life in this fiefdom of House Ardishapur would have exposed Menkalinan to conservative Amarrian society for the first time. Anecdotal evidence from ESOCI staff indicates that he struggled to adjust to this and spent most of his time living in a Class 3 Anoikis system instead.

”Auriga is...enigmatic. Or, perhaps 'was' enigmatic? It's hard to even say. Just when our techs down in Sensors and Tracking would say they'd have his signal pinned down somewhere out near Konora, he'd disappear again. I sunk hundreds of millions of ISK improving our sensors to try and get a good lock on him and his activities. In the end, though, we never could track him reliably. I know he spent a lot of time in Anoikis and my son Markus would say he'd see him from time to time, but we barely ever caught a glimpse of his exhaust stream, let alone his ship. Ultimately, Auriga was frustrating, but you know what? I liked him. You've got to admire that kind of exploratory spirit. I still smile every time I get a call from the team down in Sensors and Tracking saying they've seen his little blip flash on their screens. Of course, it always vanishes just as soon as it appears, but I'm glad. That's how it should be. I hope he find what he's looking for out there.” Eris Vulpine, CEO, The Evesploratory Society

It was at this time that Menkalinan’s siblings became active near the family home in Placid. This may have created a pull factor which, when combined with the push factor of the choice between a lonely life in Anoikis or a tightly-buttoned one in Mista, prompted him to turn towards home. By YC 120, there is substantial documentary evidence that Menkalinan had joined his siblings operating in Placid from a base in Eugales. It is assumed he began building his current network of relationships with capsuleers in this area from around this time.

Intaki Syndicate Militia, 120 to 121


”I mean I could tell you about Auriga but I’m feeling brain dead right now and don’t really log in any more so... yeah.” Elias enDiabel, CEO, Intaki Syndicate Militia


Physical Characteristics

Leaked C.A.S. medical records contain the following information.

Blood Type: A negative

Height: 183 cm (6'0")

Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)

Hair Colour: Brown (starting to grey)

Eye Colour: Grey blue


  • severely immuno-deficient;
  • minimise analgesic prescription (historical dependency issues).

The left side of Menkalinan’s face is marked by what appears to be long-healed blistering. Why he chooses not to have this removed is unknown.

Followers of amateur kendu have described Menkalinan as an agile, insightful player when fully fit but also prone to injury and with a slow recovery time.

Personal Life



Author of the Menkali Papers.

Member of the ISP Goals.