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Name Avlynka Tarkya Surionen
Gender Female
Race Minmatar
Bloodline Sebiestor
Father Olno Surionen
Mother Tarkya Surionen
Siblings Sukki Surionen
Date of Birth 78.10.13
Place of Birth Mikramurka
Height 1.62m
Weight 54 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Licensed 110.07.14 20:43:00 (31)
Occupation Matar Colonel
Corporation Gradient
Tattoos Facial
Piercings Facial

Avlynka "Ava" Surionen was born to Tarkya and Olno Surionen of the Star-Fire clan of Mikramurka, Matar, a primative clan of the Ko'mak Peninsula. Enlisted in Republic Fleet at age of eighteen and served aboard a Thrasher-class destroyer until the vessel went missing on 98-04-02. Vessel written off, all hands presumed lost.

Avlynka reappeared, with several other members of her vessel's crew, on 101-11-23, part of a group of over one hundred refugees from the Ammatar Mandate smuggled into Trytedald. Avlynka was honorably discharged on 102-01-02 with full back pay. Vitoc-dependent, Avlynka stayed in a refugee camp on Hek for an undetermined length of time.

On 102-08-09, Avlynka Surionen was identified via video surveillance taking part in the robbery of a small outpost in the Dudreda system, and was connected with several other robberies, as well as three instances of vessel piracy and a possible terrorist attack in the Amarr system, along with several unknown accomplices. On 103-07-17, Avlynka Surionen surrendered to Republic Justice Department officials on the Boundless Creation Station in Evati. She was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for her crimes.

On 110-07-01, Avlynka was conditionally paroled when she tested positive for capsule compatibility. She performed required restitution work for both the Republic Fleet and the Brutor tribe, and completed her restitution on 112-02-15. She maintained a low profile, and while suspected of further acts of vessel piracy, she also maintained regular contact with her parole officer and RJD officials, as required. On 113-01-02, Avlynka Surionen found employment with the Gradient Corporation of Electus Matari, who agreed to submit regular reports on her behalf to the RJD. She is currently a combat pilot in good standing with the Republic Fleet, the RJD, and the Brutor and Sebiestor tribes.

Ava's Chronicle

  1. Naming
  2. Identification
  3. Hunting
  4. Renewal
  5. Witness
  6. Elation
  7. Midsummer
  8. Firsts
  9. Risks
  10. Sanctuary I
  11. Sanctuary II