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The Caldari people are noted for their strict adherence to capitalist principles, personal honor, and martial hardness.

Notable Individuals

It takes enormous aptitude, or tremendous luck, to get ahead in the Caldari State. Those who do are not easy to knock out of their positions.


The Corporate Heads

After the horrors of the Gallente-Caldari war, eight Megacorporations rose to the fore within the Caldari State. Thanks to the group-mind and subservience-oriented mindset that permeates State culture, these corporations were able to achieve dominance over the empire's administration with full support of the people. Or, at least, full official support - and who, exactly, is going to speak out of turn?


The corporations are split according to three ideological power blocs that affect both internal operation and external diplomacy. The first bloc is the Practicals, who, as the name suggests, care little about friend-or-foe politics and much prefer to focus on eventual profit. They will strike deals with anyone, whether it's a Caldari, some other empire citizen, or even a loathsome pirate.

Past Practicals

  • Yonate, a former Sukuuvestaa CFO who held a damning secret.


The Liberals advocate increased communication and cooperation with outsiders. They do believe in a world of open borders and free flow of trade, but not at the cost of safety, integrity, or the law.

Past Liberals


The Patriots, meanwhile, concern themselves less with trade (though commerce can never be fully be removed from the Caldari mindset), but with maintaining what they see as the rightful place of the Caldari State, right at the apex of the empire order. For them, the engagement of trade is a means toward economical dominance.

Past Patriots

  • Antel, an honest worker.
  • David, former Kaalakiota CEO who possessed a damning secret.
  • Kishbin, a former Sukuuvestaa CEO who disapproved of illicit feelings.
  • Tyunaul Seituoda, the founder of Wiyrkomi.

Other Agendas

Certain entities may have aims of their own that are either impossible to detect or to categorize along these lines.

  • Tibus Heth is the former Executor of the Caldari State. After growing disgusted at how the State was being treated by the heads of the Megacorporations, he fomented a revolution and gained leadership part through a series of violent showdowns, and part through a diplomacy fuelled both by his own fury and the support of shadowy figures. He was removed from power following Operation Highlander and is currently wanted by the Chief Executive Panel under Caldari basic law for the murder of Admiral Visera Yanala, terrorism, and political extremism and wanted by Kaalakiota for theft of vessels and embezzlement of corporate resources.

Past People of Mystery

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