Clementine Lafleur (Character)

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Clem Profie.jpg
Name Clementine Lafleur
Gender Female
Gallente Federation.jpg
Gallente Federation.jpg
Father Guillaume Lafleur
Mother Harrietta Lafleur
Siblings n/a
Date of Birth 93.10.23
Place of Birth Caldari Prime Luminaire
Height 165cm (5'5")
Weight 55kg (122lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Licensed 122.10.24
Occupation Consultant
Specialization Human Relations
Education University of Caille
Corporation Nadire Security Consultants
Gallente Federation.jpg
Gallente Federation

Nadire District Parliament

Federal Defence Union.png
Federal Defense Union (Past Contracts)

Clementine Lafleur is a Gallente loyal capsuleer employed by the Nadire Security Consultants.

Early Life


Born and raised as an only child on Luminaire VII, commonly known has Caldari Prime. Her father, an employee of Material Acquisition had been enrolled on an immigration reward program, allowing him and wife to relocate to another planet. Clementine Lafleur was born shortly after and had a relative standard Gallente childhood.

Caldari Occupation

In YC110 when Clementine was on the verge of adulthood the Caldari Navy on the order of Tibus Heth committed 90% of their forces to invade the planet that lasted mere days. Clementine would consider the follow five years the worst time of her life. Her parents began to argue daily over her fathers involvement with the resistance movement. Her mother voicing her concern that he would endanger both her and their daughter, and that they should to try and find a way off planet. To make matters worse Clementine began to follow her father to these secret meetings, only upsetting her mother more.

A few months prior to the 15th of March YC115 her parents separated. The arguments had grow to a point that her mother could no longer handle and walked out. Clementine was forced to decide between her parents, but sided with her mother knowing that abandoning her would be unbearable. The protests and riots had become increasingly dangerous that her and mother had secured passage to leave. This was halted when news reported that an attack had been made on the Provists HQ, followed by a phone call from a friend that her father had been detained and executed for his involvement.

Battle of Caldari Prime

Clementine's memories of these events are still repressed, but reports suggest that they had be caught in crossfire between two skirmishing clone mercenary groups. Found under a collapsed building, her mother was confirm dead at the scene. Clementine was taken to a refugee camp and then subsequently taken off planet after being screened and found that she possessed the genetic makeup to become a capsuleer.

Capsuleer Summary


Enrolled in the capsuleer program at the University of Caille, she learnt that she had a joy for Archaeology and Surveying, showing a clear disdain for the combatant side early on. In the final year though her opinion changed after witnessing the devastation the Triglavian invasion had caused. She refocused her training, vowing that she would use her skills and knowledge in service to the Gallente Federation. She passed out of training on the 10th of October YC122, a day after her 29th birthday.

Nadire Security Consultants

She put in her application to join Nadire Security Consultants a day after passing out, Clementine has found her place among colleagues and friends. In the short time she has been apart of NADSC she has contributed to several major engagements already.

  • YC122.10.26 The removal of the Sani Sabik cultist Silas Vitalia's Astrahus in Tanoo YC123
  • YC122.11 - YC123.03 Part of the joint effort in securing and maintaining the contested regions in militia warzone and part of the fleet that pushed Marine Division out of their staging system of Sujarento.
  • YC123.04 - YC123.05 Defence fleet against the now revealed Equilibrium of Mankind dreadnought attacks in YC123