Dovi Duma (Character)

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Name Dovi Duma
Race Minmatar
Bloodline Vherokior
Licensed 2010.01.31
Occupation Flunky
Specialization Supple Corp with needs
Corporation Decrypt Enterprise

Dovi Duma Born a slave and then a Capsuleer Pilot and now a CEO of a Corporation. Then lost Corp and working back with the main Corp.

Date of Birth YC 85.04.01
Hair Deep Black
Eyes Hazel
Height 170.2 cm
Weight 85.5 kg
Bloodtype A-
Birthplace Between Kor-Azor Prime and Ami
Parents Master: Nym Exxesse

Early Life & Education

Born on a Bestower named 'Life Bringer' kind of funny, it was on the way to Ami to deliver Crates Of Coolant to the factory. She never really got to know her parents cause by the time she able to work they move Dovi to another area. One day at the age of 14 the master notice her and see she had good skill, and move her closer where he can work with her as a pilot.

Personality and Philosophy

Physical appearance & Image

Personal History