Elsebeth Rhiannon (Character)

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Elsebeth portrait.jpg
Name Elsebeth Rhiannon
Minmatar republic.jpg
Sebiestor tribe.jpg
Licensed 2004.03.20 22:10:00
Occupation CEO
Specialization Public Relations
Corporation SoE Roughriders


Elsebeth Shaninn, of clan Rhiannon, was born on Matar in the Sebiestor heartlands of the North-Eastern continent of Mikramurka continent, in the seaport city of Sundsele, as first child of the then Heir to Rhiannon, grandchild of the then Head of the Clan. She is widely considered one of the most famous public figures among Minmatar loyalist capsuleers.

Elsebeth spent her first years alternatively in space on a mining station in Atgur and at her ancestral home on Matar, gathering a wide range of experiences. There are unconfirmed rumors of her parents having been involved in an underground railway and/or terrorist operations before the capsuleer era. They both lost their lives when Elsebeth was only 12 years old; recorded causes of death are asteroid collision with a passenger ship in space and suicide.

Between ages 12 and 16 Elsebeth was educated at Rhiannon as the Heir. At this time, she lived exclusively in Rhiannon estates in the countryside and in the closest city on Mikramurka, where the clan holds property. The clan specializes in trade, investment, and law, and is locally considered influential, with sparse but effective representation in certain local legal and governmental circles. From her clan-based upbringing she has a strong foundation in inter-clan negotiation and Sebiestor tribal law, with rudiments in international law and diplomacy. She also later studied in Pator Tech School, graduating as a mining engineer in 105 and receiving her license as an independent capsuleer at the same time.

Elsebeth joined the Gradient corporation soon after entering space. She started out as a miner and mining supervisor, but quickly turned into diplomacy and leadership, helping shape Gradient as one of the most famous pro-Republic, pro-peace voices in the cluster. She has served Gradient in various fields - industrial, combat, and leadership.

Her presence in space was in steep decline since the death of Karin Midular and the resulting armed incident between the Republic and the Federation in Colelie. There have been unconfirmed rumors about her activities at this time, placing her for example in deep undercover work in Amarr space and anti-Shakor conspiracies. What can be confirmed is that unlike in previous years, she has been in very sparse contact with her clan since Midular's death, and has not been seen visiting them for several years.

After these years in apparent hiding, Elsebeth returned to space to form a new corporation called Icecream Audit office, and moved on from there to SoE Roughriders, rejoining Electus Matari. She has again become prominent in space, but maintains that she holds no leadership position in EM and no direct loyalties to "any nation states".

She is recored as married to Masim, of Rhiannon, from Quildar, also a capsuleer, though her current contact to also her husband seems estranged. Their intra-clan-adopted son called Aeron (current Chief of Rhiannon since the death of Mira Shaninn in the YC121 Blood Raider attacks on Sundsele) has been recently licensed as an independent capsuleer under the callsign Aeron Morningstar, and joined SoE Roughriders. Masim, who went into retirement to raise their son, has been reported to have left Rhiannon clan home sometime after Aeron's graduation, and his current whereabouts are unknown.


Elsebeth carries the Mark of Keeper of Traditions, a campfire / fireplace symbol on top of her left collar bone. This Mark is traditionally considered the mark of a clan leader among Rhiannon. Facial tattoos identify her as Rhiannon, and a member born (not married or adopted) into the clan. She carries affiliation tattoos to the Tribe and the Republic on her arms, though she often covers these with a jacket with the emblems of the capsuleer organization she currently works for. Among the life event tattoos that cover her back and arms there is a long wavy line of small capsules starting from her neck and winding down along her spine, recording all the emergency clonings she has been through.

10 rules of PR

Rule #1: no, it is not enough to know yourself that you are doing a good job, how you look in public does matter.

Rule #2: people who are not paying attention to how they make your corporation / alliance look like when they appear in public should not be allowed to talk in public. Better yet, they should not be hired in the first place. (Corollary: If you allow your pilots to appear in public, you should have a dedicated PR staff monitoring it.)

Rule #3: there is nothing to be gained from engaging in "smacktalk", that is, bashing your opponents in public.

Rule #4: whether or not what you are saying about your opponent is in fact true, #3 still holds.

Rule #5: if you think rules #1-#4 do not apply in your situation, you should not be doing PR in the first place. Probably not talking to anyone outside of your family, either.

Rule #6: negotiations with both your enemies and your allies should be done in privacy; the public forums are for addressing the general populace. (Sidenote: it is possible to make addressing the general populace look like talking to your enemy, see "open letters".)

Rule #7: do not lie and do not publish unconfirmed rumors as the truth. This will initially make giving a good impression of yourself a pain in the ass to do in certain situations, but in the long run when the audience knows you just do not lie, it will work to your advantage.

Rule #8: when your opponent is busy making themselves look bad all by themselves, there is no reason to interfere. (Corollary: if you can see the opponent looks like a moron in public, so can the general audience. No need to point it out to them; just sit back and enjoy the show.)

Rule #9: if you do not want to discuss something, do not bring it up yourself. (Related observation: peace and unity is rarely achieved by insulting the ones you wish to be in peace and unity with.)

Rule #10: only provoke the enemy when you are prepared for the war declaration.