Gaven Lok'ri (Character)

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Name Gaven Lok'ri
Gender Male
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True Amarr
Date of Birth 23187 AD (169 as of YC120)
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Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
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Amarr Empire
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Emperor Family

Entry from Amarr Peerage:

Lord Gaven Lok'ri is the current holder of the Lok'ri family title. The Lok'ri family dates back to the initial Udorian Conflicts and has served in the military for most of its history. They were made Holders after the completion of the conquest of Amarr and were given lands on the newly colonized planet of Oris. Since the Moral Reforms, the Lok'ri Family has served as a part of the Emperor Family and many of the Lok'ri have served as military officers.

Lok'ri Family Holding:

The Lok'ri family owns a modest holding along one of Oris' inland seas. They specialize in vinyards and orchards and have some extremely old vines and olive groves. They also run several breeding lines of hounds and horses. The family is not a major slaveholding family as they never expanded their holdings outside of Oris. Instead, they have a large number of dependent families that are the descendants of Lok'ri freedpersons and retainers. The vast majority of these dependant families are of either Udorian or Khanid descent.

Since Gaven's rise as a loyalist capsuleer the region has seen a large boom in population. Gaven has been actively modernizing his holding's urban center in the last decade. As a result, the capital of the holding has seen a massive increase in available jobs and wealth and has been growing in population rapidly.

Gaven's Career:

Gaven served in the Amarr Navy from the years 15-57. He was chosen as the primary holder of the Lok'ri title in the year 57 and resigned his commission to serve that role. In the year 105 he was tested as pod capable and went to the Imperial Academy for pilot training. On 5.9.106 he joined the Praetorians He has served three times as CEO of the Praetorians.


Gaven has been married to Lady Shirin Varaz, another Orisian Holder, since the year 60. They have several grown children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. In local Orisian politics there is some concern among some Holders as to whether the two holdings will remain separate in the next generation and whether the increase in the Lok'ri and Varaz regions' economies in the last decade will shift local balances of power. There is also some worry that Gaven will never step down from his holding as he is now unlikely to die any time in the foreseeable future.

In the period after Jamyl's death, Gaven has become worried about the potential for political breakdown and has moved his family and core retainers to locations secured by PIE. It is unclear how long this state of affairs will continue.


Gaven is loyal to the office of Emperor to the point of fanaticism. His political beliefs on other matters accordingly have shifted fairly widely over the years. During Heideran and Doriam's reigns Gaven was a proponent of the Pax Amarr doctrine. During the Interregnum he continued his loyalty to the past Emperor's doctrine, but repeatedly condemned the delay in choosing a new Emperor.

Since Shakor's attack and Jamyl's rise he has moved to a much more aggressive view on foreign policy and has become an increasingly vocal critic of CONCORD. He now favors an aggressive anti-Republic military policy as he considers the Republic a rogue state unable to be reasoned with. However, his loyalty to Jamyl trumps this opinion and he will follow whatever edicts are issued by the Imperial office without question.

In the aftermath of Jamyl's death Gaven vocally criticized the decisions of Khanid as regards the selection of Edeity as a representative. This brought him into conflict with the Khanid representative for the Succession Trials in which Gaven accused said individual of being under the sway of the Blood Raiders. Gaven's hostility to Blood Raiders and Sani Sabik has hardened into an implacable hatred over his years as a pod pilot and he worries that Khanid may be insufficiently hostile towards them.