Imperial Dreams (Player corporation)

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Name Imperial Dreams
Ticker [IG]
Alliance Curatores Veritatis Alliance
CEO Jaden Noah
Founded June 2nd, 104 EST
Status 113 Members
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel guards
Website Our corp website

Imperial Dreams is one of New Eden's oldest and most prestigious capsuleer alliances. Known for it's strict and often closed-door recruiting history, it is most famously a corporation founded for Amarrians. It was the Executor Corporation of CVA for many years and remains proud members of the Amarr Empire.


  • Members are allowed to fly whatever race they want
  • Members are expected to be monetarily self sufficient
  • Corporation replaces all Logistics ships lost in combat
  • Members are expected to have a working mic and be able to use Mumble and Teamspeak 3
  • Members are expected to be on CVA Slack.


Imperial Dreams was founded on June 2nd, 104 EST (2003). It was created as a corporation exclusively for Amarrians only. Imperial Dreams for a long time was the Industrial heart of the Amarrian Loyalist groups. They were also heavily involved in the ill-fated Coalition of Free Stars (CFS). They were the first corporation to join PIE in the formation of CVA and are currently the oldest and largest corporation within CVA. Recently, Imperial Dreams stepped down as executor corporation of CVA.

Year 113

Year 113 has been rocky for Imperial Dreams as the corporation went through several quick leadership changes. Long-time ceo Aralis stepped down in February, placing Leo D'Green as the new CEO and executor of CVA. In March Leo D'Green passed leadership over to Hardin. In April, the CEO position was passed once again, this time to Rovern Hashu while the alliance executorship was transfered to fellow CVA corporation, The Legion of Spoon.


Imperial Dreams are a classic example of Industrialists with Teeth. They hold a strong belief in Capitalism and Imperial Dreams members can be found involved in any and every enterprise that generates a profit. Ships are personally owned and each member does his or her own thing with the support of the corporation when needed.

Recruitment Status

Recruitment is currently OPEN