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Welcome to the EVE RP Wiki!

We have imported the Backstage Wiki as of 2020-05-09. That said, after getting everything up and running some templates seem to be malfunctioning. If anyone is a mediawiki guru and knows how to fix some of this ping [NEWEL] Mitara Newelle on the Roleplay is Primary Discord.

NOTICE: After looking at the user database it seems nearly every user account does NOT have an email associated with it. Since that is needed for password resets and for editing pages ping me on RiP and I will get your email plugged in so you can actually use your accounts.

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EVE RP Wiki News

2021-09-25: Site was getting spammed with users and crap pages. User creation now requires bureaucrat approval, sorry for any inconvenience
2021-08-10: Enabled email!! Sorry all, forgot I hadn't done this!
2021-08-08: Made site fixed layout(hopefully) by request.
2021-04-30: Initial deployment complete.

Important Articles

EVE RP Wiki Stats

  • 16,714 pages created
  • 135,018 edits.

Important Information

If you attempt to access a page and receive the following message:


This means that the page data is present in the Database, but an admin or keeper needs to Delete and then Restore the page in order for it to display correctly. Pass this about, make sure any potentially effected nerds get the message.