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Steel Daggers

Name Steel Daggers
Ticker [SLDG]
Alliance Gentlemen's Agreement
CEO limbodennis
Founded 2005
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel SLDG Cantina
Website SLDG Website


SLDG Start

SLDG has been created 2005 as a recruiting corp for Hive, itself being a corp created in 2003.

SLDG had only few purpose:

  • filtering out people which might fit later into HIVE.
  • be a "covert ops" corp, scouting and scanning enemy ships and gathering intel on WT's.
  • also had a brief history as a Cyno Corp, providing logistics to people who needed to move carriers. It was new in those days so people actually needed to hire cyno pilots sometimes

After HIVE left the Drone region mid 2007 because of its Alliance O X I D E being pushed out of B7-LYC by R0adkill, SMASH, Pure, IRON, Atlas and regular visits of Triumvirate, the members went back to empire.

Every member with bad standing to the Caldari Faction had to leave the corp to allow a POS placement. Those members (mainly Gallente) joined Steel Daggers. Buyenne was made CEO.

After Hive

After some discussion of possible future goals some people left to join Damage Inc. (located in Aridia Low Sec) while Buyenne and the rest preferred to try out the NRDS game play.

So they moved to XV7L-S Constellation and spent some time there.


After 3-4 weeks, SLDG joined Sev3rance (thanks again to Malignitas, Bander Darkstar and Dreamy for making this possible) during the Starfraction war In early 2008 (20th march).

Once all assets were relocated to their new home, Leadership launched an IPO to finance the start of a POS Reaction chain.

Station Pride

August 2009 - SLDG Launched their first Outpost in the Y9-MDG System. Due to being big Carebears and loving Blueprint research, it was decided to place a Caldari Research Outpost.

Moving On

March 2010 - The Southern Coalition launched a massive invasion on the Providence Holders and forced them out of their home. SLDG lost their station at that time when they evacuated.

Into the North

April 2010 - Sev3rance joined the Northern Coalition to assist with the great war against the Southern Coalition in Tribute that was ongoing at that time.

Onto Pure Blind

May 2010 After the Southern Coalition was forced out of Tribute Sev3rance moved into Pure Blind to help expand the sphere of influence of the North. This is where Sev3rance with the assistance of Fidelas Constans and Mostly Harmless secured space that they took up sovereignty in.

Gentlemen's Agreement

January 2011 - Steel Daggers left Sev3rance after almost 3 years of being in the alliance. They joined a newly formed alliance Gentlemen's Agreement. Gentlemen's Agreement is an alliance formed of Veteran pilots. Their strategies and dedication have proven most valuable in the war against IT Alliance in Fountain and Querious.

Apocalypse Now

July 2011 - SLDG joined Apocalypse now due to friendly relations with their Director Formula.

A month later Corps left again and more or less died out due to RL reasons for many members.

About us


Major Templar

Our rules:

  • RL Comes first
  • No scamming
  • No alts in red Corps / Alliances.
  • No griefing. That includes no can flipping in High-Sec, no Ninja Salvaging in missions.
  • Do not loot friendly wrecks.
  • Don't pay ransoms.
  • CTA: be there or be offline.
  • Nothing which breaches the rules of the EULA.
  • Regarding Corp business, the CEO decides. No discussion there. We are not a democracy.


You want to join? Read the rules. If you can live with them, meet us in the cantina.

  • 20 mill SP minimum.
  • No teenager / EMO Kid / tosser.
  • English speaking.
  • TS required.
  • Limited API Key.


  • Chardalane III - Moon 2 - Combined Harvest Plantation
  • Ikuchi VI - Moon 15 - Imperial Armaments Warehouse
  • MO-GZ5 VIII - Moon 2 - Recursion Sucks
  • Nasreri III - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory
  • Olettiers VI - Moon 6 - Imperial Armaments Factory
  • Sosala IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support
  • Toustain V - Moon 7 - Sisters of EVE Bureau
  • Vuorrassi V - Moon 13 - Ishukone Corporation Factory
  • Nare IV - Moon 6 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production

What do we sell?

Rules of Engagement

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