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This template is for use with player character pages and helps you display an info box. This template will also automatically include your character in the Characters Category.

Copy and paste the code below into your character page and complete the info.



Here's a completed example:

Name Adrielle Firewalker
CONCORD ID 123-45-6789
Gender Female
Race Minmatar
Bloodline Sebiestor
Blood Type A+
Father Adam Firewalker
Mother Ada Firewalker
Siblings Anarya Firewalker
Astrid Firewalker
Date of Birth 85.10.14
Place of Birth Mikramurka
Date of Death 112.01.05
Place of Death Mikramurka
Height 167cm (5'6")
Weight 65kg (145lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Licensed 105.07.08 (20)
Occupation CEO
Specialization Industrial
Education Combat, Republic Military School
Corporation Wasteland Miners Inc.
Religion Tribal spiritualism
Affiliation Minmatar Republic
Augmentations Ocular implant
Memory Augmentation implant
Tattoos Dragon on right shoulder
Piercings Ears
Marks Scar on left arm
Vessels SSS Mayday
Remarks Likes kebabs.
|name=Adrielle Firewalker
|caption=Adrielle Firewalker's current pod pilot licence image.
|father=Adam Firewalker
|mother=Ada Firewalker
|siblings=Anarya Firewalker<br/>Astrid Firewalker
|height=167cm (5'6")
|weight=65kg (145lbs)
|birthdate=105.07.08 (20)
|corporation=[[Wasteland Miners Inc. (Player corporation)|Wasteland Miners Inc.]]
|education=Combat, Republic Military School
|religion=Tribal spiritualism
|affiliation=Minmatar Republic
|augmentations=Ocular implant<br/>Memory Augmentation implant
|tattoos=Dragon on right shoulder
|marks=Scar on left arm
|vessels=SSS Mayday
|remarks=Likes kebabs.

Template:- And the minimal example:

No Portrait.jpg
Name Adrielle Firewalker
|name=Adrielle Firewalker