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Name Cal Hydar
Race Caldari
Bloodline Deteis
Licensed December 2006
Occupation PvP fleet pilot
Specialization Caldari ships, missile systems, shield tanking
Corporation DAB


I like to see myself as a content expert when it comes to EVE. I do what I can to help out the community and to spread the greatness of EVE to those who have not yet heard.

In Game

I have belonged to many different corporations and alliances in my time and can say that they were all enjoyable. I made my first break into 0.0 through the Foundati0n alliance, which I can honestly say, was the most fun I have had in the game so far. Despite it being NPC 0.0, the alliance and space we controlled were very active and fun. After FDN, I had short stints in both Cosmic Anomalies and Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, both of which fell under serious pressure from larger alliances, forcing me to withdraw because of limited funding. I now find myself affliated with GOODFELLAS within the DAB corporation and I eagerly await the action ahead of me.

Out of Game

Out of game, I am affiliated with the United States Air Force and work as a communications specialist in Colorado. I have varied experience in the IT world including web design, server and database administration, LAN and WAN networking, and minimal programming and 3-D modeling experience. I am also well versed in the Killboard and POS Manager software, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can be reached on MSN at the address of


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