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Supercarriers are part of the class of ships known as Super Capitals and are currently the 2nd largest class of ships in EVE.

Technically, a supercarrier is a carrier class vessel which is however many time larger and much more expensive to build.

In comparison to a typical carrier, a supercarrier has the following features:

There are 4 types of Supercarrier, 1 for each of the 4 races


Although all supercarriers mainly provide anti-capital, logistical and support roles, the bonuses each of the 4 race supercarriers allow different areas of specialization.

  • Aeon: have armor resistance bonuses which allow them to field heavy armor tanks
  • Wyvern: have shield resistance bonuses which allow them to field heavy shield tanks
  • Nyx: have deployed fighter bonuses allowing them provide more firepower to offensive operations while fielding a moderate armor tank
  • Hel: have their strength as a logistic platform with bonuses to shield/armor remote repair amounts. They are also extremely flexible and are able to field either a modest shield or armor tank

Operational Tactics

Supercarriers excel in performing three functions:

Anti-capital warfare. When fielding fighter-bombers, Supercarriers can put out enormous damage against capital-sized targets.

While performing POS repairing, the supercarrier's immunity to EW allows it to easily slip in/out of POS shields while repairing the POS's Shields/Armor without being concern of attackers with stasis webifers preventing an easy escape.

During attacks against hostile carriers employing spider tank tactics, the supercarrier's remote ecm burst is invaluable in breaking their cycles and allows for friendly ships to overwhelm the target ship.