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ABF, known to the inhabitants as A'Beef and to everyone else as an Amarr Breeding Facility, is a space colony where Minmatar slave children are bred, kept and raised. The only inhabitants of the station are the children and their guards. There are undoubtedly several of these dotted all over Amarr space.


The inhabitants of the colony are supposedly raised from birth to become the personal slaves of the five Heirs. They are given regular tasks, are allowed to play and learn, and lead fairly normal lives for communally-raised children.

Selection program

Once they near pubescence, the children are regularly tested for eligibility with regards to the various programs that follow on for ABF inhabitants. This testing takes into account a combination of age, physical state and mental maturity, and its results determine whether the child in question gets sent off to slave at a mining colony, work for one of the Heirs (or even as a guard in an ABF), or perform some unknown function for rich masters before being sent free. It should be noted that unknown to the children, the ABF has a separate, hidden section where certain former inhabitants are kept and used for breeding purposes.

It is not uncommon for those children chosen by specific Amarr houses to gang up before their departure and attempt to injure or even kill those who have been chosen by rival houses.

Special choices are also known to occur. At least one boy, Sispur Kreal, was chosen to serve Chamberlain Karsoth. What this entailed was not made evident, though given Karsoth's track record with children it was unlikely to be pleasant for Sispur.

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