Adrianne en Lanait

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Adrianne en Lanait.jpg
Name Adrianne en Lanait
Gender Female
Race Intaki
Place of Birth K5-JRD, Syndicate
Height 173cm
Weight 62kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Bartender

Adrianne en Lanait is currently a bartender at Club 66 in Poitot, Syndicate.


Adrianne is average in most every way. She usually keeps her hair cut short.


Adrianne was born in K5-JRD, another system in Syndicate. She began her career in the hospitality sector there, busing tables at a bar called the Saucy Raven. She worked her way up to bartender before moving on to other bars and clubs, including Tremor in 3KNK-A and Club Alcane in CIS-7X.

Current Employement

She was hired in January YC 120 by Yvonne Ganteau, manager of Club 66 - a new establishment catering to pod pilots.