Alexandra Malukker (Character)

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Alexandra-Malukker 256px.jpg
Name Alexandra Malukker
CONCORD ID 91667058
Book of Records (Redacted)
Gender Female
Race Minmatar
Bloodline Sebiestor
Blood Type A-
Father (Corrupted)
Mother (Corrupted)
Siblings (Redacted)
Spouse (Redacted)
Children (Redacted)
Extended Family Norman Vales
Date of Birth (Redacted)
Place of Birth (Corrupted)
Date of Death (Redacted)
Place of Death (Corrupted)
Height 171cm
Weight (Redacted)
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color (Redacted)
Licensed 114.02.10
Occupation Cheif Financial Officer
Specialization Business
Education Pator Tech School
Corporation Vales' Research and Mining
Religion (Redacted)
Affiliation (Redacted)
Augmentations None
Tattoos Tribal Traditional Face
Piercings Ears (two places), Face (mouth, two places)
Marks None
Vessels (Redacted)
Remarks (Corrupted)

Life Before the Capsule