Alexis Valentyne

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Name Alexis Valentyne
Gender Female, 44 years old
Race Gallente
Bloodline Gallente
Licensed Unknown
Occupation Socialite, Diplomat
Specialization Production, Diplomacy
Corporation Anacorn


Alexis Valentyne is the daughter of two wealthy ex-employees of the Federal Administration.

Her seemingly self-important and ruthless nature is often mischaracterized and confused with her sheer determination for success and results. She values loyalty and trust, but finds it extremely difficult to come by and, consequently, has made few friends due to her distrusting and somewhat cold mindset.


Little is known about Alexis' private life. Colleagues and business rivals alike have described her as pompous, ruthless, intelligent and a demanding perfectionist.


Alexis is the current CEO of Anacorn, a private outsourcing corporation aimed at assisting the Gallente Federation with administrative and diplomatic matters. Prior to this, Alexis is known to have been involved with the mass production of Caldari and Gallente battleships - vessels she is proficient in piloting - and likely maintains this through Anacorn's industrial arm, Anacorn Industries.

Rumors have stated that Alexis is in fact the ringleader of an enigmatic information brokerage operating within Anacorn, backed by the connections she maintains to influential members of parliamentary bodies. Alexis has dismissed these claims.

Political Views & Affiliations

Alexis' true agenda is unknown, but she appears to be a staunch supporter of the Gallente Federation.

Despite all evidence being dismissed at court, Alexis is believed to have been instrumental in an operation that recovered incriminating material of corruption against an anonymous Senate figure with ties to the Angel Cartel and Serpentis Corporation. Her means are unknown.