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The Amarr Certified News is the official news agency of the Amarr Empire, the only one that is sanctioned to report from the royal court. Though Amarr Certified News lack some of the independence that news agencies in the other empires enjoy, actual cases of censorship are few and far between.


The Amarr Certified News is one of the largest news corporations in all of New Eden, rivaling the Scope in size. In terms of sheer numbers, the Amarr Certified News is certainly a powerhouse, maintaining offices throughout the Amarr Empire and reporters in the State, Federation, Republic, and the nullsec space lanes.

The ΛCN covers all events in the Empire, from the pronouncements of the Emperor, to smaller, planetary stories of interest only to locals. It is the only news agency allowed to report directly from the royal courts, giving it unparalleled access into the inner worlds of the Heirs and other Amarr nobility. The news agency also has access to the highest justices on the Theology Council, naturally making it one of the few news sources that can cover matters relating to the Amarr religion with true authority.

When it comes to the other empires, the ΛCN tends only to cover those major events which can be painted with a pro-Amarr brush. While the State is given a relatively easy time, the ΛCN frequently depicts the hardships of the Federation and Republic, while completely ignoring their successes. When events are so major that the Empire has little choice but to cover them, it tends to push those stories to the margins.

This tendency has led opponents of the Empire to declare the ΛCN as little more than an Imperial propaganda tool. While this is in some cases a fair assessment, in practice the Empire does little to censor its news agency. The ΛCN was the first news corporation to cover embarrassing events such as the gruesome public trial of Aritcio Kor-Azor, all in a relatively unbiased and open manner.

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