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The Ammatar Governor — also known as Governor or Heir of the Mandate — is the representative in the Ammatar Mandate at imperial level of the Amarrian monarch, currently Holy Empress Catiz. They exercise the supreme executive power of the Mandate. The functions and roles of the Governor include appointing, ministers and judges, issuing writs for bestowing honors. The Governor appoints also the head of government, the Ammatar Consulate Governor, also know as just Consulate Governor or Governor like the Ammatar Governor. This leads occasionally to some confusion, as in the news there is often no direct distinction between the two; but rule is that: 'The head of government are always Ammatar and the governor himself traditionally is an Amarrian'.[1] He is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Ammatar Fleet and appoints the Grand Admiral of the Fleet.[2]

The Ammatar Governor himself is appointed by the Empress shall be Her Majesty's representative in the Mandate. Beyond bureaucratic functions, the Governor has an important ceremonial role. He or she travels widely throughout Derelik to open conferences, attend services and commemorations and generally provide encouragement to individuals and groups who are contributing to their communities. The main official residence of the Ammatar Governor is Tanoo in San Matar, meaning ‘true home’.

In the Year YC 110 Empress Jamyl I appointed Yonis Ardishapur as Ammatar Governor.[3] Since YC 111 November the Consulate Governor Ekroz Salaf take up his duties as plenipotentiary of Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur in the Ammatar Mandate. In the YC 112 the had start his Empire-wide speaking tour.[4]

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