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Name Arline Kley
Gender Female
Amarr Empire.png
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Blood Type AB+
Father +Record Purged+
Mother +Record Purged+
Siblings N/A
Date of Birth YC 85.05.25
Place of Birth Rens III, Heimatar
Height 5'6"
Weight 220lbs (180lbs prior to surgery)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Licensed YC 110.03.06
Occupation Commander
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Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
Amarr Empire.png
Amarr Empire
Sarum Family.png

Sarum Family
Augmentations Cybernetic Arm (left), 'Odin' Synthetic Eye (left, gold)
Marks Signs of reconstructive surgery on her torso and abdomen. Visible scar above her left eye

Pre Capsuleer History


Born on Rens III to members of a small Amarrian Embassy mission to the region to help Amarrians in that region, her early life was that of a standard Amarrian child's; She did not integrate herself well with the Minmatar children of her age, keeping herself quiet and when spoken too, aloof, which her parents viewed as odd, but not beyond normal. Her life was considered "comfortable" for while money was not available in abundance, she still received a very good education, showing aptitude towards the scriptures; A life within the clergy was not off the cards.

Unfortunately, returning home from her studies she found her parents in the middle of small group of slaves, each receiving forged documentation of freedom. Arline was shocked and outraged at this betrayal of everything she had known, and drawing her fathers pistol from his desk, aimed at the slaves and her now traitorous parents. Ignoring the pleas from her mother and father, she shot them both, as well as killing 3 of the "freed" slaves and severely injuiring the 4th.

Fleeing the house, she stole the family's small shuttle craft, and made course towards the Empire, ignoring hails from Minmatar Police forces for her to surrender. She punched into the Amarr Empire, arriving at Sarum Prime after several days of hectic flying. Docking at the station there, she was greeted by members of the Civic Court and Theology Council, both flanked by 4 Kameiras. Arrested as soon as she made landing on the docking bay, she attempted to plead her case, only to be met with stern refutation and the butt of a Scrambler Rifle.

Prison Life

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MIO Operations

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Capsuleer Life

End of MIO Operations

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Current Activities

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Married to Katrina Oniseki [1]

Made Itqan Alsilah - Master at Arms and Steward - of the children of Lady Para'nashu as of 121-03-24