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CPF Blue is a popular holovid police drama produced by Studio Unlimited and distributed in the Gallente Federation by Theatre One, both divisions of the Impetus media conglomerate. The program is broadcast in both the classic moS-Def format and Impetus' proprietary Psureal format as of its third season.

CPF Blue title card from seasons 1 and 2 (YC109-110)


The plot of CPF Blue follows the professional and personal lives of the members of a counterintelligence unit within the Caldari Corporate Police Force (CPF) led by Inspector-Major Niko Halkaanen. The show won the YC110 Celestion Multimedia Prize for Best Dramatic Series for that year's season finale episode, "Battleship Grey". Lirsautton actress Karan Rouvesse, who plays Captain Ijana Varo on the program, also won a Best Actress Celey for her performance in that episode. Since its third season, CPF Blue has been set primarily on the occupied Caldari Prime.

Reception & Distribution

Focus group analysis has show than Gallentean audiences prefer CPF Blue to police dramas set in the Federation because it frequently depicts endemic corruption in the State system and conflict between Caldari characters, elements almost universally absent in media coming out of the State. The program is syndicated in the Minamtar Republic and appears on St*rVizhon and H3at in the Heimatar and Metropolis markets respectively with a one season latency. It also airs in Molden Heath on He4t. CPF Blue is banned for open-air broadcast in the Amarr Empire and Ammatar Mandate by the Imperial Ministry of Culture for its "depiction of unwholesome situations". It is, for obvious reasons, also completely banned in the Caldari State by order of the Providence Directorate, but this has not stopped the program from circulating as black market media.