Charlinda Akheteru

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Name Charlinda Akheteru
Gender Female
Race Gallente
Bloodline Intaki
Licensed 115.07.05
Occupation Pharmacologist
Specialization Chemistry
Corporation Akheteru Integrated Astrometrics

Age 35
Homeworld X-BV98 P8.M5
Clan Du'uma Fiisi
Tribe Thukker
Hair Red
Eyes Hazel
Height 165.1cm
Weight 49.89kg
Bloodtype A

Charlinda Akheteru (Born Charlinda Amiel on YC82.11.15) is a Syndicate-born Intaki and adopted member of Thukker Tribe, founder and CEO of Akheteru Integrated Astrometrics, and the Chieftess and Caravan Master of Clan Du'uma Fiisi. She is known within the capsuleer community as a manufacturer and dealer of illegal Combat Boosters, and among baseliners her reputation as the 'Red Queen' of the drug subculture is the stuff of legends, her name being connected to all manner of incidents even when her organization is uninvolved - a state of affairs that is just fine with the actual perpetrators of most of these activities. Ms. Akheteru is a staunch advocate of the Syndicate people and the founder of Tirtha and New Intaki.


Charlinda Akheteru was born Charlinda Amiel, the daughter of a mid-level executive of Intaki Bank, November 15th, YC82, on the Intaki Bank Depository station at X-BV98 VIII, Moon 5, in Syndicate. At the age of seven, an unfortunate series of events led to her being taken as the ward of Thukker pirate Enkil 'Havohej' Akheteru and going to live amongst his Du'uma Fiisi Caravan. Over the next ten years, Charlinda came to be assimilated into Clan Du'uma Fiisi and adopted as Enkil's legal daughter, undergoing the Voluval ritual when she was seventeen.

Enkil funded Charlinda's education and training, trading both wealth and favors to ensure that she would be tested for the capsule. She graduated from the University of Caille's Capsuleer Training Program in YC115 and quickly made her own fortune as a shrewd and canny business woman trading from Amarr to Jita and everywhere in between. In the summer of YC117, she established the Pharmaceuticals Division of Akheteru Integrated Astrometrics and since then her corporation has grown exponentially.

When Enkil Akheteru was stripped of all rank and title by the Thukker Tribe for his crimes against humanity and the Minmatar people, Charlinda found nearly unanimous support as the new Chieftess and Caravan Master of Clan Du'uma Fiisi.

Current Life

Charlinda Akheteru now resides in Diaspora City, established by her corporation on the third planet of the Anoikis system J152502, which she and her corporation have named Tirtha. Her focus is on using the profits from her corporation's narcotrafficking to fund the establishment and growth of her New Intaki dream until its population and economy are able to stand on their own.