Dailar Toralen

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Name Dailar Toralen
Race Caldari
Bloodline Deteis
Date of Birth YC 85
Place of Birth New Caldari

Dailar Toralen is the CEO and Founder of a new Toralen Industries, and an influential part of politics in the Amsen System. Despite his controversial history, he has managed to prosper threw many hardships.

Early Life/Age 1-10

Born in YC 85, Dailar Toralen was born into a family of Deteis Merchandisers. He was born on New Caldari, where his parent's mainly lived. Dailar's parents worked as members of External Affairs for the Lai Corporation, and were very patriotic to the Caldari State. Dailar's parents mainly dealed with Khanid Innovation, and Dailar's family spent much of there life in Amarr Space. While in the Afkanat Syste in YC 90, Dailar's parents discovered a dealer with a stash of nearly 50 of the very, very rare 62nd Edition Pax Amarria's. After finding out that the Khanid Kingdom secretly supported the Dealer, they bought 3 copies. Dailar Toralen instantly took interest in the book, and began to read it many times over. During the same trip, Dailar's mom had an affair with a Intaki man, becoming pregnant and having a child in YC 91. At this point, Dailar's parents used there contacts to conceal the incident, and conserved there marriage for a simply outward appearance. Dailar's father had the Intaki man assasinated, and his parents kept up appearances, while secretly hating each other. Eventually though, there relationship had mended.

Growing Up/Age 10-20

In YC 97, Dailar's parents uncovered proof that the heads of both External and Internal Affairs Divisions in the Lai Dai Corporation had been making dealings with the Guristas to persuade the market, corporation members, and the other Caldari MegaCorps. The Guristas quickly forced Dailar's parents back, threatening to release proof of the affair, and also threatening to kill Dailar. Dailar's parents were then fired from the Lai Dai Corporation, and used there contacts in the Khanid Kingdom to make new lives for themselves in the Tegheon System on Tegheon V in YC 98. In YC 102, Dailar's parents purchased a Venture and a Amarr Shuttle from a travelling merchant. By this time, Dailar had been helping his parents for 2 years, and was now 17 years old while his brother was entering his 11th year. In YC 103 Dailar's parents flew to Amarr Imperial Space and purchased a Sigil before returning to the Caldari State. In YC 104, Dailar's parents founded Toralen Industries, a mining and reprocessing corporation. They quickly began to recruit workers, and Toralen Industries quickly became a well known company.

Path to a Capsuleer/Age 20-32

As Dailar turned 20, the Empyrean Age began. Dailar quickly became intereste in Capsuleers and the notion of clones. In YC 106, Dailar's parents allowed him to take his brother to the Amarr System to meet an old friend. After Dailar arrived in the Amarr System, he soon lost his brother. Dailar and his long-time friend searched for his brother for nearly 3 months before finding him enslaved by a group of Amarr. When a reason was demanded, Dailar's family discovered that Dailar's brother had snuck to the edge of Mimatar Space, where he had been purchasing tons of Exile Narcotics until he was imprisoned for not being able to pay and sold into slavery to an Amarr Narcotics provider. Dailar's parents bought Dailar's brother out of slavery, and it was discovered that ever since he was 14 he had had an addiction to Exile. At the start of YC 107, the Lai Dai Corporation attempted to purchase Toralen Industries. Dailar's parents managed to resist the board of directors and keep there company. In Febuary, the Guristas began sabotaging Toralen Industries, eventually bringing the Corporation down. Dailar's mother then died after Dailar's parents threatened to release the proof they had of Lai Dais work with the Guristas. Dailar's family then agreed to back down, while still holding the proof as leeway with the Guristas and the Lai Dai Corporation. In YC 110, with Dailar now being 25 and his brother being 19, Dailar's father died, passing on his wealth to Dailar and his brother. As the Caldari began there invasion of the Gallente Federation, Dailar and his brother began to clash over who to join, with Dailar's brother still feeling connected to his biological race. After a month of arguing and fighting over the war, Dailar enlisted in the Caldari Navy. After two battles in which he participated, Dailar learned that his brother had enlisted in the Gallente Federation. At the invasion of Caldari Prime, Dailar and his brother encountered each other when Dailar's ship was boarded. The two brothers fought against each other, nearly killing each other. Dailar ended the fight when he threw his brother into a small fire. Dailar's brother recieved severe burning on his face and body, but in the end Dailar deployed his brother in a drop-pod back to one of the retreating Gallente ships. As the ceasefire was reached, Dailar was disbanded from the Caldari Navy, and he became a miner. In YC 112, Dailar was excepted into the Capsuleer program, and in his month he had before training, he went to visit his brother, who had also left the Gallente Navy and was working as a member of a Security Organization on a colony which had recently had several protests. After spending two weeks with his brother, in which the two attempted to make up, Dailar left, with both brothers both hating and loving each other. Dailar then joined the Science and Trade Academy, and after rigorous for 5 years, he became an honorary Capsuleer.

Capsuleer Life

After becoming a Capsuleer, Dailar Toralen was recruited into Discovery, a training Corporation for new Capsuleers that offered lessons the official schools simply couldn't. Dailar Toralen and Maga Mampi soon revolutionized Discovery after disovering a wormhole, and Dailar Toralen began to form Discovery into a Booster-producing Corporation as a means of funding. After being killed for the first time, Dailar Toralen's new clone had malfunctions which caused him to forget much of his past. Dailar Toralen then formed United Caldari Financials as a partner to Discovery in the DIscovery MegaCorp. After recieving a large bounty, Dailar Toralen resigned from the UFC back to Discovery. After being killed for the second time, Dailar Toralen remembered his past and was no longer patriotic as he previously had been. Soon after, Discovery was broken up by the CEO, and Dailar Toralen recreated Discovery and his parents Corporation in a new Toralen Industries. The Corporation soon became integrated into the Amarrian 24th Imperial Crusade Militia, fighting against the Minmatar for profit. Toralen Industries also offers Academy Services, and has a Trade, Combat, Manufacturing, Internal Affairs, and Diplomacy Divisons.