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Dakba V is a planet in the Dakba System controlled by Lord Cakzad Arcashiri, a Holder with loyalties to the Ardishapur Family.


First of all, one of the most important things to understand about Dakba V's population is that Dakba V is actually called 'Sanctum' by the locals. Sanctum has 2 major cities. The capital, Kovar, is located on the small continent of Igeva. The second city is located on a small island north of Igeva known as Hagava, with the city being called Jokovar. There are also several small communities on Igeva. Kovar was formerly mainly a trade-hub, and not much else. But now the city of Kovar is thriving, with the recently constructed Spacedock, Storage Facility, and Extractors which are all offering employment oppurtunities to the locals. However, Kovar still retains that sense of being a trade-hub, with streetside shops built up and a large population of Ni-Kunni. The city is highly populated, and is undergoing renovation.

Jokovar, however, is a different story. The city of Jokovar is mainly based on the Industrial Facilities constructed on the island. While it is heavily populated, the city is mostly made up of slums. The cultures of Jokovar and Kovar are very different. The so-called "Jokovarians" tend to strong, hard-working, and with an understanding of industrial machinery. The so-called 'Kovarians' are typically Ni-Kunni Traders or Office workers, while at the edges of the city live the miners.

The Kovarians are known for their unique holiday known as 'Sanctum Day'. Early during the colonization of Dakba V, disease struck the locals which lasted for several generations. Then a retired Amarr General who had been given the title of Holder when a relative had passed away took control of the colony and constructed 'The Sanctum'. The Sanctum was a large citadel of what was then the edge of Kovar, but what is now the center of the city. The Sanctum was used to keep those not already infected from gaining the disease. The construction of The Sanctum saved the population of Dakba V. The planet was renamed Sanctum by its population to celebrate, as well as 'Sanctum Day'.

Jakovarians are also known to pit captured wildlife against each other in a sport known as Pit-Fighting.

Order of Santra Makia

The Order of Santra Makia is an ancient order that started when the Colonists began to enslave the Lektoras. The Order of Santra Makia was formed between the Colonists, Lektoras Elders, and a unnamed sect of the Sani Sabik. This unnamed sect of Sani Sabik believed that the Lektoras had once protected the 'Red God' for reasons not yet known. It is believed that Lektoras Elders tricked this unnamed sect, but no concrete evidence can be found.

The Order of Santra Makia was supposedly named after the "Ancient One", the leader of the Lektoras. The Colonists that joined were mostly unfaithful or slaves who believed that the Lektoras shouldn't be enslaved. The Colonists and Sani Sabik supposedly taught the Lektoras how to use weapons, and stole weapons from the Colony. The Order of Santra Makia launched attacks against Colonists, and spoke out against the Amarr.

The Order of Santra Makia still exists today, albeit in a usually less violent manner. There are still violent sections of the Order, but many members are simply Civil Rights activists. There are some faithful who are members of the Order of Santra Makia who simply believed that the original colonists should have tooken a more peaceful approach to indoctrinating the Lektoras.


Sanctum is highly populated by wildlife. Each lifeform on Sanctum is unique. While there are not many different known species, the known species are indeed incredible. Many of these species are very violent as well.

Former Inhabitants

Dakba V was formerly inhabited by the Lektoras. The Lektoras became a slave race when the planet was colonized, and were rumored to have been the carriers of the numerous diseases which plagued the early colonists.

This brought on severe punishment by the local population, with the locals launching vicious attacks to gain revenge. Several thousand Lektoras were also kidnapped by the Sani Sabik, and after only a few decades the Lektoras died out.


Over the years, Sanctum has developed many customs, some new and some old. However, the population of Sanctum/Dakba V have always been up-to-date on the new "fad".

HoloTV and Holoreels

HoloTV and Holoreels are very common among Sanctum's population, especially among 'Kovarians'. Here are some of the major HoloTV Shows and Holoreels:

The Travels of the Enlightened - A kid's television show which teaches children about God and the Scriptures The Tales of a Templar - A television show about a Templar who fights for the Amarr Empire Holder's Plight - A movie about a Holder who must fight a corrupt planetary Holder Holder's Plight II: Utar's Rebellion - A sequel in the Holder's Plight series in which the corrupt Holder leads a slave rebellion


The Jakovarians are known for their sports, just like the Kovar are known for their HoloTV.

One of the most popular sports is Pit-Fighting, where people capture wildlife and pit them against other wildlife to fight to the death. Many bet on Pit-Fighting, and it is a very popular game.

Another popular sport is 'Grav-Ball', in which two teams play a soccer in a Zero-G Enviroment. Grav-Ball is popular among both Jakorians and Kovarians, and holds tournaments and championships, and had propelled many to Super-Star Status.

Notable Planetary Corporations

There are several notable planetary corporations on Dakba V. Here is a short list:

The Sanctum Times - The lead news agency for Dakba V Raroki Legionnaire Security Group - A Caldari Mercenary Corp who's prescence is being majorly questioned Aryonda Fertilization and Industrial Group - A Corp that supplies equipment and fertilizer to Miners and Farmers Sanctum Archaeological Survey Group - These Archaeologists discovered the lost City of Yujaros. Barclay's Estates - The Major Real Estate selling Corp on Dakba V. Bendi Insurance Claims - The major insurance group on Dakba V. Oligarch Wine Supplies - The largest alcohol-selling corporation on Dakba V.