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There are certain areas scattered around space that are unsuitable for warping into due to natural phenomena. These areas were discovered early on and dubbed Deadspace. It is only recently that the strategic usefulness of these special areas has been discovered. Someone had the bright idea that instead of warping or jumping into Deadspace, it might be possible to use the ancient acceleration gates (the precursors to modern gates) to simply catapult vessels, much like a slingshot, through space. This method was successful, giving anyone with the access to the technology the opportunity of building and defending pockets in Deadspace, as well as limiting access to them by controlling the gates. At this point everyone ranging from Empires to pirate factions, and even sentient rogue drones, are scrambling to set up various enterprises in Deadspace. These range from recreational facilities for the wealthy and homes for the elderly to naval shipyards and asteroid processing fields.

Where do Deadspace Pockets Exist?

Deadspace pockets may be encountered in many areas including:

  • DED Complexes
  • Areas discovered via exploration
  • Near Stargates, stations, etc
  • Previously, many Agent missions would take place in deadspace. This was changed to allow microwarpdrives in every mission.

What is a Deadspace Complex?

A Deadspace complex is a string of Deadspace pockets connected by a series of acceleration gates. To move from one pocket to the next, the player must approach and activate an acceleration gate. While acceleration gates may look similar, you might sometimes need a key or find alternative methods of activating a gate.

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How do I Find a System with a Deadspace Complex?

The DED, the police enforcement arm of CONCORD, maintains detailed maps and reports on many Deadspace areas within the universe. Information from many of these reports is available to the public free of charge. A rating system is used to determine the danger associated with each complex. This rating is used to determine both the dangers involved and any restrictions on certain ship types that keep them from using the acceleration gates.

You can view the locations of complexes as reported by DED by doing the following:

  • Access your Map via your NEOCOM, or by pressing the F10 key
  • Ensure Star Map is selected on the upper-right hand corner of the screen
  • In the World Map Control Pane,' display window that appears click the Star Map tab
  • Click the ‘DED Deadspace Report' radio button

The stars should change color to reflect the type of Deadspace areas within a system. When a colored star is highlighted, window appears with information about the system and the complexes inside it. Choose a system with a Deadspace within it and warp to it. (Tip: If this is your first Deadspace complex, choose a level 1 or 2.)

The DED report value also indicates what types of ships the acceleration gates are capable of handling (A player may also access a Deadspace using ship types from a DED rating below the rating of the complex).
1/10 Frigate
2/10 Destroyer
3/10 Cruiser
4/10 Battlecruiser
5/10 Battleship

How do I Find the Deadspace Complex within a System?

To get to a Deadspace complex, it is most common to first find its celestial beacon and warp to that. In some cases, if it does not have a celestial beacon, you might have to scan for the entry point.

To be able to see the beacon in your Overview, you must have Beacon selected as an object to be seen:

  • Click the triangle icon next to the word Overview just above the table where targets appear
  • Select Open Overview Settings
  • Under the Filters tab, select the Types tab and expand the Celestial folder
  • Make sure the box next to Beacon is checked

Right click the Beacon icon and warp to it to get to the entrance of the complex. Once you arrive at the entrance, you may need to approach an acceleration gate and activate it to move to inside of the complex itself.

What do I do once I Enter a Deadspace Complex?

Once you arrive at the complex, you will receive an incoming message to give you some information about the complex and its difficulty level.

Some complexes are very challenging and can not be completed by a solo player.

At this point, there may be a need for combat as well as determining how the next gate may be activated. Gates are generally activated with a key, passcard or cipher, which are often well guarded for dear life by an overseer for that Deadspace pocket. Keys may be found within an on-site structure, such as an asteroid colony or a control tower (normally located centrally in every Deadspace pocket); you need to blow this up and loot it. Or, the key may simply be stored in a secured and guarded container. Keep in mind that not all gates need keys, and in those cases you need to try them out and see what they require (if you don't meet the requirements, you will receive notification).

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Known Deadspace Sites

See Exploration and Complexes

What Do I Gain?

First of all, there is a lot of money to be made through Deadspace complexes. Inhabitants of the complexes often have generous bounties on their heads, which are automatically deposited into your account once they are eliminated.

Secondly, the Deadspace complexes are exciting for those wanting to fly around on their own, as well as for those that find most comfort in spending time and excitement with a gang or even a fleet of allies.

Thirdly, Deadspace often harbors secret laboratories, supply depots, shipyards experimenting with new equipment, and vessels fitted with or carrying enhanced equipment that can be looted.

Also, at the end of each Deadspace complex there is an overseer who has personal effects that may be looted. These personal effects may be sold on the market for a profit. CONCORD is especially interested in purchasing any overseer personal effects you may encounter in your travels.

So, in Deadspace, you will find money, excitement, valuable loot, and maybe even more...