Goinard V

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The planet of Goinard V.

Goinard V is the furthest planet from the sun located in the low security constellation of Nadire, Sinq Laison. It is classified as an oceanic planet with the 100% of the planet's surface covered in water. The only colony that resides on the planet is Eidothea, also known as Research Facility Four.

Geography and Biology

The original six facilities were built deep into the crust of the planet near the centre of the equator due to its proximity to thermal vents and as it was confirmed to have the largest population of marine lifeforms. The planet has two moons that affect the currents but are relatively calmer nearer the centre, which allows most observations and expedition to go unhindered. The marine life varies from microscopic plankton all the way up to 50m whales.

Marine Life

The marine lifeforms are similar to many other oceanic planets in the Federation with small variation.

City of Eidothea

Originally constructed as a research platform during the Gallente Federation’s expansion into frontier systems, the city has undergone several iterations. Eidothea originally known as Research Facility Four is classified as a Delta colony on the Federation grading system on the account of it being a Type-II artificial habitat. Many of equipment and facilities are considered outdated by Federation standards, as are the drones that maintain it. Of the six research hubs that were set up, only Eidothea remains. It being the largest of six, many of the scientist and their families transferred over once funding of their own projects were withdrawn and maintaining their hubs became increasingly dangerous. The city is built in two parts: Living quarters and research quarters. The research facilities are slowly dismissing and being turned over to create more living space.


The government is still classed as a Science Directorate, whereby the small committee of lead scientists convene biannually to discuss the direction the colony should go. A member of the committee is elected every five years to become the liaison with the Nadire Parliament who will lobby the needs and requirements of the colony to the parent member state. As the needs of the colony has changed over recent years, other head of departments have been allowed to join the committee, expanding the total number to over 200 members.

Economy and Research

Relying heavily on sponsorship and funding from outside sources in the past, the city of Eidothea has had to change its focus both in research and it's economy to compensate. The export of base bacterial and microorganism makes up the bulk of export off the planet. Funding is still ongoing with the major research into vaccines and antidotes for water based diseases commonly found on Oceanic planets.


Major Projects include;

  • Cetacean Infectious Diseases
  • The extract of specific molecules through osmosis
  • Improved supplements for lack of naturally produced vitamins/antibodies

Minor Projects include;

  • Improved living environment for subterrain habitats
  • Interaction of marine-human contact


The population of Eidothea since the last Federal census stood at 7.5 million with a ratio of 92% citizen and 8% scientists. The population had been in slow decline until YC114 when the colony became part of the refugee effort from the recent Sansha incursion in Esmes