Outer Ring

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Outer Ring is a region in New Eden.

Before the discovery of nocxium changed the way industry functioned, the Outer Ring region was considered nothing more than an average parcel of space. That was why Outer Ring Excavations was able to get their start here, mining the "low end" ores while braving unlawful space. But once the process of refining nocxium was discovered, the Outer Ring became a gold mine. Outer Ring Excavations quickly became leaders in the field of asteroid mining. Of course, with such wealth comes challengers to it.

For decades, ORE called Mordu's Legion their closest allies. The highly trained and proficient mercenaries patrolled the Outer Ring for troublemakers, particularly focusing on the Serpentis who made regular raids into the area. Serpentis got the last laugh, though, once they bought a majority share in ORE. Now Serpentis prowl the space lanes of the Outer Ring virtually unopposed.

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