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Detailing militia ranks

Ranks are honorary titles and awards that are bestowed upon enlisted factional warfare pilots to reward their accomplishments on the battlefield.

Ranks are directly tied into your faction militia standings – The higher your standings, the higher your rank is. To acquire ranks and standings, you must complete factional warfare objectives, such as capturing control points, and finishing missions on your militia’s behalf.


The factional corporation militias are:

Amarr: 24th Imperial Crusade

Caldari: State Protectorate

Gallente: Federal Defence Union

Minmatar: Tribal Liberation Force

Note: social skills are NOT counted to determined your militia corporation standings and thus ranks.

Effect on standings upon ranks

If your rank will rise with higher militia standings, it will also drop if it goes down for a particular reason. As such, always remain careful about your actions, as you will be demoted should you lose sufficient standings. Leaving Factional Warfare (either the faction or the militia) will make your character retire from it and as such lose his/her rank. He/she will however recover them if joining up later on, as long as his militia standings did not drop.

Your ranks are shown in the “Decoration” tab of your character sheet.