Raze's Haven

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Raze's Haven Station overview


The station is located in a fixed orbit around the 5th Moon of the 5th planet,a gas giant in 30-YOU.

Navigating to the station

A series of navigation beacon's direct traffic through an other wise heavily clustered mine field.

once you have navigated the minefield the station is in sight various artillery batteries can be seen just inside the mine field accompanied by various ecm batteries.

as you aproach the final becon your ship is being targeted and you are greeted by an automated sentry. " shut down your engines, offline your weapons and prepare to be scanned. failure to comply will result in the loss of your ship"

assuming that you have complied your ship and cargo holds are scanned. providing your not transporting any contraband. the automated sentry will then direct you to a docking bay in the outer ring of the station.

The Docking Bay

the outer ring of the station is solely the main docking bay for all guest. each ship is stored in an individual bay so as to afford the guest privacy and security of their ships and crew.

each docking bay is equipped with a repair facility and a medical station a the entrance to the station there is a rapid transit shuttle system for ease of traversing the station. each shuttle is fully automated and controlled by the stations Artificial Intelligence System Interface or AISI for short.

Station Facilities

  • Market District - the market district accounts for a quarter of the stations main level middle ring. Merchants of all types can be found peddling their goods as well as various corporate offices on the upper levels.
  • Arboretum - the station houses a wide variety of plants trees and other greenery to facilitate the air supply and to offer a bit of surface life to those that spend their time floating among the stars. this section of the station makes up half the middle ring though it is divide by the market district and the residential district
  • Residential District - this makes up the remaining quarter of the middle ring of the station. the housing facilities accommodate the stations workers and vendors there is lodging available for each ships crew.
  • Engineering Plant - the engineering plant is located in the lower inner ring this is where the station's power and environmental control units are located it is a restricted access area requiring specific clearance to access any one found trespassing will be dealt with in a swift and harsh manner.
  • Central Control - the central control station is located in the middle of the inner circle this facility houses the AISI mainframe as well as the stations security systems and operation center. access to this area is strictly controled as it is the brain of the station.
  • Recreation District - the recreation districe as th name implies houses the stations bars, clubs sports centers, data libraries, observatories etc. this section of the station is located in the upper inner ring.

Transit System

the mass transit system is completely automated you merely step on to a shuttle and tell AISI where you would like to go. if the destination is a restricted area you will need to provide AISI with your credentials else you will be required to restate your destination. it is possible to traverse the station on foot but not recommended due to the size of the station.

Artificial Inteligence System Interface

AISI - is the stations AI processor it is programed with an artificial personality capable of displaying the full spectrum of emotions. and is prone to sarcasm and witty responses. most of the station falls under AISI's control though every aspect has a manual over ride from with in the stations central control. so as to prevent a corruption in the AISI mainframe. The station Deference are controlled by a Sub system of AISI for immediate and accurate threat response. AISI is immune to bribery and coercion. though the system is likely to respond to such aggression by transporting you to the nearest airlock and jamming your clone data transmission to the cloning facility.

Places of Intrest

(to be defined at a later date)