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A Cosmic Anomaly is a hidden site in space, guarded by a faction of pirates, a group of Rogue Drones, or even ancient Sleeper Drones (in wormhole space). Capsuleers can find and eliminate the hostiles inside, often in exchange for a CONCORD bounty or in order to collect valuable salvage from the wreckage. Cosmic Anomalies can be found using a ship's on-board scanner or by use of scan probes. While they are not as difficult as their Cosmic Signature counterparts, Cosmic Anomaly encounters are significantly easier to find, and can still give substantial rewards. There is a low possibility of a Pirate Faction Commander appearing within an Anomaly, carrying special faction modules. Furthermore, when destroyed, hostile ships within the Anomalies will occasionally leave behind clues which will "escalate" the Anomaly: leading to a new location with greater potential rewards. When an Escalation occurs, information about the new site will appear in the expeditions tab of the Mission Journal. In Null-security systems, certain infrastructure upgrades may increase the rate at which Anomalies can appear. Unlike Cosmic Signatures, Anomalies do not appear in a Deadspace zone and, thus, allow the use of MicroWarpdrives.


Cosmic Anomalies can be found without any extra modules and skills by using the on-board scanner equipped in every ship other than capsules. The on-board scanner scans nearby space within 64 AU for Cosmic Anomalies and returns the results immediate of scanning. One can also utilize scan probes to find Anomalies, only one probe is required for Anomalies and it will provide a warp-in point for any Anomalies within its scan range, making it easier to find all Anomalies within a system. Please consult this Scanning Guide for detailed instructions on using scan probes.

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There are 10 different classifications of Cosmic Anomaly, ranging in difficulty from easy (class 1) to hard (class 10). Among these, Anomalies of certain classes appear in 4 different levels, which seem to indicate increasing difficulty from Level 1 (easiest) to Level 4 (hardest) For example, an Angel Hideaway would be easier than an Angel Forsaken Hideaway, both of which are easier than an Angel Hidden Hub.

Cosmic Anomalies Levels
Class (Faction) Name Rogue Drone Variant 1 2 3 4
1 (Faction) <Level> Hideaway Drone Cluster Hidden Forsaken Forlorn
2 (Faction) Burrow Drone Collection
3 (Faction) Refuge Drone Assembly
4 (Faction) <Level> Den Drone Gathering Hidden Forsaken Forlorn
5 (Faction) Yard Drone Surveillance
6 (Faction) <Level> Rally Point Drone Menagerie Hidden Forsaken Forlorn
7 (Faction) Port Drone Herd
8 (Faction) <Level> Hub Drone Squad Hidden Forsaken Forlorn
9 (Faction) Haven Drone Patrol
10 (Faction) Sanctum Drone Horde
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It's not uncommon to find the same type of Anomaly Class with different Levels located in the same system. For example - (Faction) Hideaway, (Faction) Hidden Hideaway, (Faction) Forsaken Hideaway and (Faction) Forlorn Hideaway can all spawn in the same system along with other types of Anomaly Class.

New Eden's Anomalies

Cosmic Anomalies in New Eden
Class Angel Blood Raiders Guristas Sansha's Nation Serpentis Rogue Drones
1 Angel Hideaway Blood Hideaway Guristas Hideaway Sansha Hideaway Serpentis Hideaway Drone Cluster
1 level 2 Angel Hidden Hideaway Blood Raider Hidden Hideaway Guristas Hidden Hideaway Sansha Hidden Hideaway Serpentis Hidden Hideaway
1 level 3 Angel Forsaken Hideaway Blood Raider Forsaken Hideaway Guristas Forsaken Hideaway Sansha Forsaken Hideaway Serpentis Forsaken Hideaway
1 level 4 Angel Forlorn Hideaway Blood Raider Forlorn Hideaway Guristas Forlorn Hideaway Sansha Forlorn Hideaway Serpentis Forlorn Hideaway
2 Angel Burrow Blood Burrow Guristas Burrow Sansha Burrow Serpentis Burrow Drone Collection
3 Angel Refuge Blood Refuge Guristas Refuge Sansha Refuge Serpentis Refuge Drone Assembly
4 Angel Den Blood Den Guristas Den Sansha Den Serpentis Den Drone Gathering
4 level 2 Angel Hidden Den Blood Raider Hidden Den Guristas Hidden Den Sansha Hidden Den Serpentis Hidden Den
4 level 3 Angel Forsaken Den Blood Raider Forsaken Den Guristas Forsaken Den Sansha Forsaken Den Serpentis Forsaken Den
4 level 4 Angel Forlorn Den Blood Raider Forlorn Den Guristas Forlorn Den Sansha Forlorn Den Serpentis Forlorn Den
5 Angel Yard Blood Yard Guristas Yard Sansha Yard Serpentis Yard Drone Surveillance
6 Angel Rally Point Blood Rally Point Guristas Rally Point Sansha Rally Point Serpentis Rally Point Drone Menagerie
6 level 2 Angel Hidden Rally Point Blood Raider Hidden Rally Point Guristas Hidden Rally Point Sansha Hidden Rally Point Serpentis Hidden Rally Point
6 level 3 Angel Forsaken Rally Point Blood Raider Forsaken Rally Point Guristas Forsaken Rally Point Sansha Forsaken Rally Point Serpentis Forsaken Rally Point
6 level 4 Angel Forlorn Rally Point Blood Raider Forlorn Rally Point Guristas Forlorn Rally Point Sansha Forlorn Rally Point Serpentis Forlorn Rally Point
7 Angel Port Blood Port Guristas Port Sansha Port Serpentis Port Drone Herd
8 Angel Hub Blood Hub Guristas Hub Sansha Hub Serpentis Hub Drone Squad
8 level 2 Angel Hidden Hub Blood Raider Hidden Hub Guristas Hidden Hub Sansha Hidden Hub Serpentis Hidden Hub
8 level 3 Angel Forlorn Hub Blood Raider Forlorn Hub Guristas Forlorn Hub Sansha Forlorn Hub Serpentis Forlorn Hub
8 level 4 Angel Forsaken Hub Blood Raider Forsaken Hub Guristas Forsaken Hub Sansha Forsaken Hub Serpentis Forsaken Hub
9 Angel Haven Blood Haven Guristas Haven Sansha Haven Serpentis Haven Drone Patrol
10 Angel Sanctum Blood Sanctum Guristas Sanctum Sansha Sanctum Serpentis Sanctum Drone Horde


Cosmic Anomalies may only be found in certain regions where the associated faction maintains a presence. These regions are as follows: Template:Pirate Faction Occupancy


Anomalies can escalate, giving pilots the exact location of a DED-rated complex without having to scan for it. The following Anomalies have been reported to lead to the following escalations. Although escalations often lead to sites in lower security systems, the pirates in these sites often have a greater chance of leaving behind valuable faction modules. Anomalies in wormhole space will never escalate.

Cosmic Anomaly Escalations
Angel Anomalies Escalations Serpentis Anomalies Escalations
Angel Hideaway Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm Serpentis Hideaway Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses "c"
Angel Burrow Angel Creo-Corp Mining Serpentis Burrow Unknown
Angel Refuge Angel's Red Light District "c" Serpentis Refuge Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses "c"
Angel Den Angel's Red Light District "c" Serpentis Den Serpentis Corporation Hydroponics Site "c"
Angel Yard Angel's Red Light District Serpentis Yard Serpentis Corporation Hydroponics Site
Angel Rally Point Unknown Serpentis Rally Point Serpentis Prison Camp
Angel Port Angel Military Operations Complex Serpentis Port Serpentis Paramilitary Complex
Angel Hub Cartel Prisoner Retention Serpentis Hub Serpentis Paramilitary Complex
Angel Sanctum Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard Serpentis Sanctum Serpentis Fleet Shipyard
Blood Anomalies Escalations Sansha Anomalies Escalations
Blood Hideaway Old Meanie - Cultivation Center Sansha Hideaway Sansha's Command Relay Outpost "c"
Blood Burrow Unknown Sansha Burrow Unknown
Blood Refuge Mul-Zatah Monastery "c" Sansha Refuge Sansha's Command Relay Outpost "c"
Blood Den Blood Raider Psychotropics Depot "c" Sansha Den Sansha's Nation Neural Paralytic Facility "c"
Blood Yard Blood Raider Psychotropics Depot Sansha Yard Sansha War Supply Complex
Blood Rally Point Crimson Hand Supply Depot Sansha Rally Point Sansha War Supply Complex
Blood Port Blood Raider Coordination Center Sansha Port Sansha Military Operations Complex
Blood Hub Blood raider prison camp Sansha Hub Sansha War Supply Complex
Blood Sanctum Blood Raider Naval Shipyard Sansha Sanctum Centus Assembly T.P. Co.
Guristas Anomalies Escalations Rogue Drones Anomalies Escalations
Guristas Hideaway Guristas Scout Outpost "c"
Guristas Burrow Pith Deadspace Depot Drone Collection Rogue Drone Infestation Sprout
Guristas Refuge Guristas Scout Outpost "c" Drone Assembly Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation
Guristas Den Guristas Hallucinogen Supply Waypoint "c" Drone Surveillance Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive
Guristas Yard Guristas Hallucinogen Supply Waypoint
Guristas Rally Point Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp
Guristas Port Gurista Military Operations Complex
Guristas Hub Pith's Penal Complex
Guristas Sanctum The Maze

"c" - confirmed the date 27.05.2015 or later

Wormhole Space

Cosmic Anomalies can also be found in wormhole space. These Anomalies are guarded by sleeper drones, which are significantly more deadly than most pirate faction ships. Furthermore, these sites do not escalate.

Cosmic Anomalies in Anoikis (w-space)
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Perimeter Ambush Point Perimeter Checkpoint Fortification Frontier Stronghold
Perimeter Camp Perimeter Hangar Outpost Frontier Stronghold
Phase Catalyst Node Sleeper Data Sanctuary Solar Cell
The Line The Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27 The Oruze Construct
Class 4 Class 5 Class 6
Frontier Barracks Core Garrison Core Bastion
Frontier Command Post Core Stronghold Core Citadel
Integrated Terminus Oruze Osobnyk Strange Energy Readings
Sleeper Information Sanctum Quarantine Area The Mirror

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