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Cosmic Signatures are structures and phenomena hidden in the depths of space around the inhabited star systems of New Eden, so called because they must be located by scanning space for a particular scan signature. They are an integral part of exploration, archeology, mining, and faction pirate activity in the cluster. They may be discovered by probing them down using scanner probes and a probe launcher.

What is a Cosmic Signature?

Much like a Cosmic Anomaly, a Cosmic Signature is a hidden site waiting to be discovered in space. Each Cosmic Signature is one of following types:

  • Wormholes - These lead to other systems, either in K-space (Known-space) or W-Space (Wormhole-space, also known as Anoikis).
  • Combat Sites - These may be pirate nests, or DED-Rated Complexes, a series of combat sites linked by accel gates.
  • Data Sites - These have cargo containers that require Hacking skill and a Data Analyzer to unlock. They often contain materials for research or invention, and maybe blueprint copies.
  • Relic Sites - These have cargo containers that require Archaeology skill and a Relic Analyzer to unlock. They often contain materials useful for manufacturing and rigging.
  • Ore Sites -
  • Gas Sites -

Unlike Cosmic Anomalies, Cosmic Signatures can appear in a Deadspace zone. Cosmic Signature encounters are more difficult than their Cosmic Anomaly counterparts and can give substantial rewards. There is a varying possibility of NPC faction commanders appearing or triggering of escalations.

Some combat-type Cosmic Anomalies may escalate into a known Cosmic Signature. For instance, the Guristas Yard Anomaly can escalate into a 6/10 DED-rated Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp complex.

How can I find a Cosmic Signature?

Cosmic signatures are found using a set of scanner probes in combination with a probe launcher. Simply arrange your probes in the probe scanning window over the signature, and scan it till it is 100%. The signature will move around during this process.

How do Cosmic signatures work

Cosmic signatures will remain in the same location until: a) A player runs and completes them, or b) They expire naturally

Downtime does not force sigs to despawn, if you scan and bookmark a Guristas Scout Outpost, and downtime hits, it will still be there after downtime (albeit with a new sig ID) unless a) or b) above. Sites respawn constantly during the day regardless of downtime.

Signatures will not always immediately spawn following downtime.

Cosmic signatures, when completed, don't always respawn in the same region (or constellation, or system), however, it is possible to complete a site and have it respawn in the exact same solar system. New sites only seem to respawn once other sites are completed.

After downtime, signatures get allocated a new ID. The numeric portion is random, but the alphabet portion works with a counter. Multiple signatures in the same solar system will have the left most letter increased until it reaches Z, after which it will reset to A and the second letter will be increased, which upon reaching Z will increase the third letter. When it skips letters on your scan results, remember that POS and abandoned ships in the system receive sig IDs too! The counter seems to be persistent between regions as well.

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