Damnidios Para'nashu

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Template:IC Damnidios Para'nashu - small city lands of the wet mountain - is a small Holding on Mekhios within the Sarum Prime system. The majority of fief consists of mountains and forest, with only a small amount of flatlands and foothills at the mountain's base.


  • the wet mountain

Para'nash makes up a majority of the Holding and borders the fief on it's northern side. Part of a larger mountain range, Para'nash is very rugged and mostly uninhabited save for a handful of remote residences and the town of Radices Montis.

Vojader Mahin’nou

A lake located at a lower altitude within Para'nash. The Holder of Damnidios Para'nashu is known to have a retreat there.

Radices Montis

A small town, partially built into the mountain itself, that is focused primarily on industrial pursuits. Also located at Radices Montis is a joint R&D venture between the Holding and a Carthum affiliate company.

Ohbas Azal chov Teyu

  • forest that sings

Ohbas Azal chov Teyu is a dense forest preserve bordering the south west and southern borders of the Holding. It's name comes from the effect of a particular insect that burrows within the bark of the forests trees. The frequencies of the 'buzzing' mating calls of these insects tend to form melodies that are pleasant to Amarr ears.

Ostium Canticum

The settlement that is responsible for maintaining the Ohbas Azal chov Teyu preserve and houses the visiting tourists of the forest.

Madinat Al'Abtal

The capital of Damnidios Para'nashu, Madinat Al'Abtal, is situated on the foothills between the mountain of Para'nash and the forests of Ohbas Azal chov Teyu. To keep the city's footprint from creeping beyond the foothills the city has been built with a focus on vertical structures. Tourism and culture are the driving economic forces of the city with it's many artisan showcases, history presentations, and notable cathedral.

Newelle Estate

Artists rendition of the Newelle Estate

The Estate consists of four large towers and surrounding area. The estate recently opened it's gardens that were designed with the help of Lunarisse Aspenstar.[1]

  • Rector - the center of law, justice, and rule. Home to Lady Newelle and her family.
  • Laurus - economic and science offices.
  • Fidem - religious and culture hub. Part time residence of Retainer Raphael Ordo
  • Tutamen - security and preservation services. Former residence of Retainer Alizabeth Vea, part time residence of Arline Kley

Cathedral of the Resurrection

The most prominent structure within the capital, this grand cathedral is built in the motif of classic Amarr architecture.[2]

Mekhios Graveyard Tour

Located in the Madinat Al'Abtal spaceport, the tour is a joint effort between the Order of Jamyl and Damnidios Para’nashu's Department of Remembrance that chronicles the miraculous resurrection of Jamyl Sarum and her victory over the treacherous Elder Fleet.[3]

Bina Mujtama

An arts and social club for loyalist capsuleers located in the Fidem tower of the Newelle Estate that allows visitors to try their hands at bygone Ni-Kunni artisan activities such as tanning, blacksmithing, and glassblowing to name a few.[4]

Team Sarum Museum

The Sarum Succession Trials 118 museum is dedicated to the memory of Empress Jamyl I, Lord Merimeth Sarum, and the crew that died in the competition. All profits of the museum go to the widow and orphan's fund.[5]


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