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Located just south of the city of Sundsele on Matar, Dokvat is the home of Clan Drkha, the fabled A-Tom Jet hover/land car workshop and the inafmous Dokvat Drydocks.


The town of Dokvat has its roots in the construction of the Drydocks as part of an initiative to relieve the rapidly developing Port Sundsele. Advanced for its time, the facility drew to the area a large workforce - primarily shipwrights, engineers and anyone who could hold a hammer straight.

Over time, the facility began to gain reputation of excellent worksmanship - drawing more skilled work to its gates. The town of Dokvat began to grow to accomodate those newly arrived. This process was further accelerated by an influx of additional workforce from the passing of one of the larger Vherokior caravans. From said workforce emerged skilled artisans - in short time the town of Dokvat began to be known not only for solid repair, but also excellent decoration. This, of course, came with a steep increase in pricing - what was once known as yet another repair bay to stop at became a shop for the fishing crews that earned enough profit to flaunt it.

This fusion of engineering knowledge, metalworking skill and a droplet of the wild soul of the Vherokior Tribe gave birth to a new clan and family - the Drkha, who in the next decade would cater not just to the industrial vessels but also to private yachts.

Without good management that could chart a course for the future however, Dokvat squandered most of the fortune it gained - the drydock facilities were never developed past a certain point. As technology and time marched on, the Sundsele docks and new facilities sprouting out to the north would offer a similar quality of service for a reduced price. As income slumped, Sebiestor ecologists began to raise voice that the aging Drydock could pose an environmental risk. A Tribal Assembly mandated inspection found violations of the Clean Waters and Marine Life Preservation acts, issuing steep penalties and demands of correction to the clan.

Already struggling to maintain the facility, this final blow led to the closure of the Dokvat Drydock. Several of its facilities operate today, repurposed as garages and workshops for the "A-Tom Jet" while the main docks have been offered for purchase.

Prior to the attack on Sundsele, a private investor from the Gallente Federation expressed interest in purchasing the aging Drydock in order to service luxury yachts. The deal has not yet reached a conclusion.

A-Tom Jet

Opened by Tobias Drkha, this private workshop took over some of the warehouses of the old drydock. Applying the principles that once made Dokvat's shipywork well known along the coast it now caters to the market of luxury land and hover vehicles.

Much of the workshop was destroyed in the YC121 Blood Raider attack, and it is unknown whether or not the A-Tom Jet will ever recover.

Dokvat Now

With the car workshop remaining its only larger industry, the town began to shrink considerably. Most of the town's more promising youth leaves towards Sundsele or other higher profile cities.

The ongoing expansion of the city leaves a present risk that the town with an already shady reputation will, within the next decade, become a part of the pidouks.