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Sundsele is a fairly large and growing city in the Eastern coast of Mikramurka, on Matar. It is a seaport town known for it's trade and commerce. The city is predominantly Sebiestor, though it is said all of the best restaurants in town are all owned by Vherokior families. Number of people living in the city is in the order of million to some millions, depending on how much of the surrounding area is included.

Sundsele city has "always" been there, and was a port town during Amarr occupation too. A lot of it was depopulated and destroyed in the Rebellion, and has been rebuilt completely, but especially the surrounding countryside still has estates and mansions dating back to Amarr occupation, many owned and maintained by the wealthier clans in the city as their clan homes, with claims that they trace their line to having lived there during the occupation. Local history claims that people of Sundsele were "the first to pick up arms and the first to lay them down" during the rebellion and rebuilding.

In YC121, Sundsele was a main target of a devastatingattackby Blood Raiders.

Sundsele is south enough (by Sebiestor standards) that it enjoys non-frozen whether for most of the year, but still north enough to see snow yearly. As Matar's seasons are mild, temperatures never rise very high, but summers can be lovely in the cool and not too hot weather. In fall and spring, rain and storms are common. Developed areas of the city are built in a sturdy, no-nonsense manner, and decorated with Sebiestor symbols and signs. It might to the untrained eye appear unrefined or even neglected. This is purely the Minmatar esthetic for rust and ruins, though - in fact even in most lower-class areas insulation and heating are in a fairly good, modern state.

Parts of the town

Sundsele is a sprawling city of suburbs with a skyscraper center. Some notable locations in the city and the surrounding areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Sundsele Commerce Center, a small area of tall and showy office buildings, the business quarters for many trade and legal clans, including Rhiannon
  • The Port District, which in addition to the actual seaport is a home for many clans engaging in seafaring and trade activities, as well as the location for the main local law enforcement center
  • pidouks sprawl south of the port and along the Western Exit Road, towards inland
  • "The Snow-eater Road", formally the Northern Highway, leads further north towards areas where Sebiestor clans lead a more nomadic lifestyle
  • Ramijanawa, the home of capsuleer Melisma Ramijozana, is situated a couple of hours drive away from the city proper

Neighboring districts

  • Dokvat, a small coastal town close to the border of Sundsele inhabited primarily by engineers of Sebiestor and Vherokior descent.

Organization of the city

The city is big enough that a lot of smaller and bigger clans operate there, and while some are more influential than others, not any single clan can rule the city alone. Local clans are often organized both into groups of allied clans, enforced by generations blood ties, and into groups of clans operating in the same niche (security, internal commerce, entertainment, legal, outside trade, etc). By geography, the city is divided into districts, which tend to have their own circles of maintaining schools, law enforcement, health care and so forth.

The organization of the city is typical to Minmatar traditional places; a mesh of interlacing clans and circles, and based both on blood-ties, merit, circle memberships and personal connections in a way that for an outsider would be confusing to the point where they might wonder how it can ever work. Locals would know who knows who and controls which resources, officially or unofficially, and consider it natural.

Connections to capsuleers

Capsuleers Elsebeth Rhiannon and Aeron Morningstar come from a locally influential Rhiannon clan, which specializes in tribal law and investments, and is sometimes criticized for harsh business strategies and "thinking they own the city".

Capsuleer Trii Seo was reportedly once member of Clan Drkha, inhabiting the town of Dokvat.