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Name Mitara Newelle
Book of Records Lady Mitara Newelle(-Shutaq), born Mitara Cobestes
Gender Female
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Spouse Aldrith Shutaq
Date of Birth YC 76.12.03
Place of Birth Ca'lik'bar, Anath II, Aridia
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 82kg (181#)
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue (A10)
Licensed YC 108.12.03
Corporation Newelle Family
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Amarr Empire

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Sarum Family


Pre-Capsuleer History

Capsuleer History

Recorded Personal Events

  • YC 112.07.18 Married to Aldrith Shutaq
  • YC 113.09.16 Gave birth to Theobald Alexander Newelle[Shutaq](son)
  • YC 115.03.12 Gave birth to Tryphena Janae Newelle[Shutaq](daughter)
  • YC 117.09.21 Initiated into the Order of Jamyl
  • YC 118.08.16 Gave birth to paternal twins Mehri Arsia Newelle and Masha Alizabeth Newelle(daughters)
  • YC 119.12.05 Gave birth to Tahmin Raphael Newelle(son)
  • YC 121.04.25 Guardian to Ni-Kunni siblings Din(male born YC 106.03.18) and Hasani(female born YC 108.09.05)
  • YC 121.11.09 Mother via surrogate to Nush'Abeh Chalna Newelle(daughter)

Book of Records Excerpts(wip)

Formal Introduction

Lady Mitara Newelle of House Sarum, Holder of the Mekhios province of Damnidios Para'nashu, Champion of House Sarum, Sworn Upholder of the Faith, Divine Commodore of the 24th Imperial Crusade